Reward Component

This component allows you to deliver a water reward to smalls animals (mice, rat) and monitor licks, using the peristaltic from Labeo Technologies Inc.



Everything in a PsychoPy® experiment needs a unique name. The name should contain only letters, numbers and underscores (no punctuation marks or spaces).

Start :

The time that the firt pulse of the water reward occurs.

Stop :

Governs the duration for which the water reward sequence is given.

Sync to screenbool

Choose to synchronize the reward operations (pulses) to the screen refresh. This ensures better synchronization with visual stimuli.

Pulse duration (s) :

The duration of the pulse sent to the peristaltic pump. To know exactly the volume of water given, please perform a calibration curve, as the quantity depends of your experimental setup. Precision can go as low as 16.6 ms for a 60 Hz screen.

Number of pulses :

The number of pulses in a burst.

Delay between sequences (s) :

A sequence is a burst sequence, so multiples pulses. This delay is the duration between theses sequences

Number of sequences :

The number of burst sequences occurring during the time the water reward component is enable in the experiment.

Delay between pulses (s) :

The time duration between pulses in a burst sequence.

Save actions of pump and licks to txt file :

Check if you want to save log events (pump ON, OFF, lick) to a .txt file, located in the data folder of the experiment.

COM port :

Please specify the COM port (USB port) on which the pump is connected.

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