PsychoPy uses major.minor.patch version numbers:

  • All changes to major.minor numbers indicate that changes are expected to change the behavior of PsychoPy experiments

  • Changes to the patch version number are relativel minor bug fixes and we hope they do not change behavior

Updating without breaking existing studies

We strongly recommend that, once your experiment is finished and is being run “for real”, that you apply the useVersion setting so that your study will always try to run on the same PsychoPy version even where a different version is installed on the computer. That setting often even allows PsychoPy to run experiments from versions that have not yet been installed! If the dependencies haven’t changed it will run.

PsychoPy 2024.1


  • Counterbalance Routine: Standalone Routine to handle counterbalancing between participants, using the “shelf” to maintain records inbetween

  • Piloting Mode: Run experiments in “piloting” mode - adjusts settings to avoid common pitfalls while you’re building (e.g. getting stuck in a full screen experiment), then switch to “running” when you’re ready to start gathering data

  • Improved UI: Toolbars across the app have a clearer layout for buttons and a more intuitive interface for Pavlovia. Runner especially has had a visual overhaul, with a lot more space for reading stdout/alerts and a new output specifically for Pavlovia sync messages.

  • Fixes to Eye tracker plugins: Several eye trackers had not been working since being moved out to plugins and these should all now be back in operation

PsychoPy 2024.1.0

New features and enhancements:

  • Added plugin support for standalone plugins by @mdcutone in #5866

  • Button Box Component: Component for using button boxes, which will always have the same methods and properties but by installing plugins you can add functionality for different devices

  • Allow speech-to-text engine configuration from Builder by @mdcutone in #5905

  • Replace toolbars with a “Ribbon” by @TEParsons in #5920

  • Method for processing device info on Windows by @TEParsons in #5940

  • Added tools for creating and managing hardware interfaces by @mdcutone in #5950

  • Allow expInfo fields to be ordered, required, hidden and deprioritised using a new name syntax by @TEParsons in #5949

  • Added Counterbalance Routine (and Python implementation of Shelf) by @TEParsons in #5967

  • Add component for Button Box, with plugin-able backends by @TEParsons in #6006

  • Option in Builder to skip/customise frame rate check by @TEParsons in #6049

  • Option in Builder to specify globalClock format by @TEParsons in #6048

  • Added method to Window to get value of specific pixels by @mdcutone in #6054

  • Added piloting mode by @TEParsons in #6066

  • Add param to enable “rush” mode by @TEParsons in #6279

  • Speed up plugin dialog by @mdcutone in #5796

  • Better handling when opening e.g. png files in Coder by @TEParsons in #5788

  • Speed up app by using faster string tools for labels and methods by @TEParsons in #5826

  • Improved plugin installation method by @mdcutone in #5872

  • Allow prefs dialog menu to be resized by @TEParsons in #5869

  • Add method to manually create a keypress, photodiode response, etc. by @TEParsons in #6022

  • Add option to ignore keypresses outside of PsychoPy window by @TEParsons in #6039

  • Allow Sound to specify a Speaker rather than using general system audio by @TEParsons in #6079

  • Add method to wait for responses to SerialDevice by @TEParsons in #6092

  • Include link to project in “Successful sync” message by @TEParsons in #6171

  • Silence “Unrecognised Parameter” warnings if params came from a plugin by @TEParsons in #6179

  • Speed up experiment loading by @TEParsons in #6180

  • Catch fails in Packages dialog by @TEParsons in #6193

  • Hide components/routines from future versions by @TEParsons in #6200

  • More intuitive label on Pavlovia project info update button by @TEParsons in #6217

  • Added menu item in Builder to reveal current folder by @TEParsons in #6218

  • Install packages in editable mode via a pyproject.toml file by @TEParsons in #6228

  • Improvements to Code component UI behaviour by @TEParsons in #6265

  • Open news from menu by @peircej in #6205

  • Make expInfo dialog always on top by @TEParsons in #6301

Bug fixes:

  • Fix matrix questions Survey Routine by @TEParsons in #5797

  • Fix crash which happened if wx wasn’t installed by @peircej in #5832

  • Make sure icons & labels in preferences dialog are always visible by @TEParsons in #5868

  • Handle when Component has no start time in JS by @TEParsons in #5864

  • Static component was preventing Movie from starting by @TEParsons in #5928

  • Change default logging level to warning by @suelynnmah in #5941

  • Let experiments run without git installed by @TEParsons in #5939

  • Fix bug whereby Brush wouldn’t pick up on mouse clicks by @TEParsons in #6056

  • Fix inconsistent data outside trial loop by @monique2208 in #6004

  • Fix shape setting on Polygon-derived components (e.g. ROI) by @TEParsons in #5971

  • Remove darc toolbox demos (maintainer no longer supporting package) by @RebeccaHirst in #6094

  • Fixed error when audioLib is None by @mdcutone in #6103

  • Handle unconventional launch methods (e.g. launching from command line with unrecognised args) by @peircej in #6118

  • Fixed error with resizing “sash” in Preferences dialogby @mdcutone in #6146

  • If psychtoolbox can’t detect devices, log warning rather than crashing by @TEParsons in #6150

  • Fixed error when using Save in Coder when there is no file open by @nvanhaute in #6158

  • Fixed “missing reference” error with setting Sound device by @mdcutone in #6122

  • Fix _set function for NoiseStim to handle input length by @simonfei123 in #6136

  • Draw expected duration from Routine Settings in Builder by @TEParsons in #6190

  • Fix error when loading window whose size is negative by @mdcutone in #6192

  • Stop Builder from assuming the current folder is …/psychopy/app whenever filename is “untitled.psyexp” by @TEParsons in #6198

  • Catch error when package info is missing by @mdcutone in #6202

  • Experiments weren’t working online if experiment name differed from filename by @TEParsons in #6221

  • Fixed iohub eyetracker calibration (keyboard was losing input) by @mdcutone in #6226

  • Handle when Static component has no start time by @TEParsons in #6248

  • Don’t scroll to top after opening a Builder component category by @TEParsons in #6251

  • Fixed Mouse.visible attribute not applying requested state by @mdcutone in #6254

  • Fixed freeze when running eyetracker validation by @mdcutone in #6264

  • Fix error when cancelling a commit by @TEParsons in #6271

  • Special code for when Slider is “radio” was missed in JS code by @TEParsons in #6272

  • Fix “iCCP profiles” error with classic icons by @TEParsons in #6276

  • Fix wrong setter name in Textbox/TextStim JS code by @TEParsons in #6277

  • New Pavlovia projects were being created empty until first commit by @TEParsons in #6273

  • Fix UI inconsistencies on Ubuntu by @TEParsons in #6242

  • Fix code for sound component stop values by @zuazo in #6300

  • Fixed selecting audio device in builder and coder by @zuazo in #6299

  • Fix bug where local PsychoJS server kept running after quitting by @TEParsons in #6323

Documentation and testing improvements by @alexander-pastukhov @peircej @suelynnmah @patrickabolger @richardnaar @JensBoelte @d-scanzi @psych575 @shun2wang @Solveig-Castelli @carosamu @Ahmad-Abudoush @RebeccaHirst @ice-yu @domstoppable @kimDundas @afuetterer @TEParsons

Translation works:

### New contributors

  • @mscheltienne made their first contribution in #5889

  • @JensBoelte made their first contribution in #5956

  • @d-scanzi made their first contribution in #5952

  • @kshtjkumar made their first contribution in #5955

  • @Solveig-Castelli made their first contribution in #5961

  • @carosamu made their first contribution in #5972

  • @monique2208 made their first contribution in #6004

  • @afuetterer made their first contribution in #6110

  • @bartuatabek made their first contribution in #5942

  • @FS94 made their first contribution in #6121

  • @simonfei123 made their first contribution in #6136

  • @tomdstone made their first contribution in #6261

  • @zuazo made their first contribution in #6299

Full Changelog:…2024.1.0

PsychoPy 2024.1.1

Bug fixes

  • Handle errors when loading list of plugins by @TEParsons in #6334

  • Counterbalance in online studies was still trying to confirm entries after finishing by @TEParsons in #6345

  • Make sure the drawn max time in Builder is never None by @TEParsons in #6347

  • Fixed translation issues by @hsogo in #6348

  • Fixed inability to load plugins list from local with non-utf-8 default encoding by @peircej in #6349

Full Changelog:…2024.1.1

PsychoPy 2024.1.2

Enhancements * Default TextStim font set to Arial (TextBox default was already Arial) by @wakecarter in #6378

Bug fixes

  • Keyboard clock wasn’t being reset properly, so .rt values were from exp start by @TEParsons in #6360

  • Safer (and faster) behaviour when copying a param, avoids “infinite recursion” (app hangs) by @TEParsons in #6362

  • Make line spacing specific to just one TextBox2 object by @Catherine9811 in #6356

  • Fixes to the Gazepoint eyetracker plugin by @mdcutone in #6365

  • Fixed error when camera tries to close when it’s already closed by @mdcutone in #6364

  • Fixed editable TextBox2 cursor location with line breaks by @Catherine9811 in #6358

  • Remove “constant” updates option from SoundComponent (as it wasn’t used) by @TEParsons in #6351

  • Python 3.8 was falsely marked as incompatible with 2024.1.x onwards in “use version” interface by @TEParsons in #6366

  • Form Component wasn’t finding the correct table template by @TEParsons in #6381

  • Remove blank rows from form template by @wakecarter in #6382

  • Error saving icons from plugin details by @TEParsons in #6368

  • Transparent colours online by @wakecarter in #6386

  • Button numclicks defined by timesOn.length by @wakecarter in #6385

Documentation and testing improvements by… @peircej @TEParsons @kimDundas @suelynnmah

**New contributors: **

  • @Catherine9811 made their first contribution in #6356

Full Changelog:…2024.1.2

PsychoPy 2024.1.3

Bug fixes

  • Telling Mouse Component to check new clicks without clickable stim raised syntax error by @TEParsons in #6398

  • Keyboard responses in ioHub weren’t using relative time by @TEParsons in #6407

PsychoPy 2024.1.4

Bug fixes

  • ioHub keyboard was registering key releases before presses, so duration was always None. We now have a test in place that confirms keyboard RT timing using hardware which will be used on each new release going forwards. By @TEParsons in #6416

  • Fixed some translation issues by @hsogo in #6409

  • Fixed JSON encoding error when opening plugin dialog by @mdcutone in #6411

Documentation updates

  • updated screenshots by @charlottej3673 in #6392

PsychoPy 2024.1.5

  • Failing to find Eyetracker Components (Eyelink by @KirstenWilliams in #6406 and Gazepoint by @mdcutone in #6424 )

  • Installed plugins were not being found on Linux/MacOS by @mdcutone in #6441

  • Faster MovieStim rendering (don’t call play() when already playing) by @aforren1 in #6448

  • Fixed eyetracker calibration target units (height -> pix) by @peircej in #6451

  • KeyboardComponent allowed keys from spreadsheet caused namespace errors by @TEParsons in #6458

  • hide that visible mouse, please by @mh105 in #6465

  • Fix an issue with etRecord component for Stop Only (not stopping the eytracker) by @mh105 in #6463

  • Only change Mouse visibility if explicitly asked to by @TEParsons in #6467

  • Fix “Stop only” issue regardless of Component order by @TEParsons in #6468

  • Clear keys to initialize keyboard when starting a routine by @mh105 in #6471

  • Allow getKeys() to return the same key pressed multiple times by @mh105 in #6479

## Documentation fixes and updates

Full Changelog:…2024.1.5

PsychoPy 2023.2


  • Routine settings: Routines now have parameters of their own, giving control over their max duration, skipping the Routine altogether, or changing the way the window looks just for that Routine.

  • Sort by priority: Columns in the data file can now be given a “priority” value, with the option to sort by priority instead of chronologically.

  • Whisper transcription PLUGIN for Microphone: Using the OpenAI backend, Microphone transcriptions can be done quicker and more accurately, and include timing info for each word.

  • Progress bar component: A visual component to show progress along an axis.

  • Builder search dialog: Search for values across your whole experiment, then jump to the specific Routine/Component where it’s present. Makes debugging much easier.

  • Most stimuli now support a draggable attribute. If set to draggable=True then that stimulus should check/update position on each frame using stim.doDragging()

Behaviour changes:

  • Eyetrackers (Tobii, SRR Eyelink, Gazepoint, PupilLabs) are now plugins rather than built-in, in keeping with the drive to cut down the dependencies of core PsychoPy


  • PsychoJS: Mobile-friendly viewport settings. by @lightest in #5380

  • Allow experiment to run with different clocks (e.g. wall clock time instead of starting at t=0) by @TEParsons in #5621

  • PsychoJS ShapeStim from Builder now supports custom vertices by @TEParsons in #5522

  • Numerous improvements to plugins system and dialog

  • Added abortCurrentTrial (Python only for now) method to TrialHandler2 and MultiStairHandler by @mdcutone in #5423

  • Better performance and fixes to FFPyPlayer movie engine

  • Added letterSpacing attribute to Textbox by @TEParsons in #5487

  • New Session class to run multiple experiments - create your stimulus window once and run multiple experiments in it, with the ability to pause/resume/stop the experiment. (Python only for now) Session can be controlled over websockets using the Liaison server

  • Full support for Python 3.10, wxPython 4.2, and PyQt6

  • Preserve tab order for Routines when saving/loading an experiment by @TEParsons in #5517

  • Added audio settings to Camera component by @mdcutone in #5681

  • Improved streaming of camera to disk by @mdcutone in #5551

  • Window now explains it is performing timing test by @mdcutone in #5511

  • Keyboard Components from Builder will store duration if available (if release has already occurred) by @TEParsons in #5569

  • Show status text for objects in Flow panel by @TEParsons in #5443

  • Make psychopy.Window title (and icon in pyglet) settable by @TEParsons in #5540

  • UI enhancements to Coder and Runner by @TEParsons in #5539

  • Multihead support for X11/Linux by @mdcutone in #5520

  • Plugins Dialog now checks for version compatibility with PsychoPy by @TEParsons in #5649

  • Install plugins to subdirectories by @mdcutone in #5398

  • Make Save & Edit/View buttons on README window more explicit by @TEParsons in #5523

  • New option to abbreviate long component names in Preferences, fixes #5574 by @TEParsons in #5586

  • Highlight selected Routine in Flow panel by @TEParsons in #5588

  • Better Builder visualisation very large experiments by @TEParsons in #5618

  • Lock Flow panel buttons to the left when scrolling by @TEParsons in #5620

  • ExperimentHandler.addData() now has optional row argument to specify previous entry by @TEParsons in #5652

  • Fixed useVersion warning untracked working tree files would be overwritten by @peircej in #5670

  • Add param to control whether movies/sounds end when the Routine does, by @TEParsons in #5415

  • Add “transparent” as named color by @TEParsons in #5689

  • Radio button styling was not work in Slider component in 2023.1, fixes #5661 (dev) by @TEParsons in #5691

  • Allow expInfo fields to be marked as required (*) by @ainazay in #5543

  • Fix VlcMovieStim by @marcpabst in #5702

  • Added data file separator to expInfo by @EitanHemed in #5607

  • Minor Textbox bugfixes by @ollie-d in #5723

  • Extended autotranslate functions supported by py2js by @roelofsaj in #5713

  • Submitting GitHub issues now supports templates by @shun2wang in #5732

  • Numerous Documentation improvements by @fboers @kimDundas @patrickabolger @EitanHemed @larsoner @pmolfese

PsychoPy 2023.2.0

Key fixes (from 2023.1.x series):

  • Fixed missing comma in Brush component code by @TEParsons in #5564

  • Mouse position incorrect when desktop scaling not 100% on Windows by @mdcutone in #5758

  • Fixed AttributeError: ‘SoundPTB’ object has no attribute ‘isFinished’ by @mdcutone in #5541

  • Better handling of missing audio libraries - allow the app to load always and fallback to PsychToolBox if possible

  • Better handling of Mouse.getPos() when no windows open by @peircej in #5763

  • Param updates code for Sound in JS was using Python syntax by @TEParsons in #5762

  • More informative error when useVersion fails to write script by @TEParsons in #5761

  • saveAsWideText was using deprecated DataFrame.append function by @TEParsons in #5507

  • Polygon/ROI vertices caused error if trying to set each frame by @TEParsons in #5686

  • Don’t crash if user attempts to initialise ioHub more than once by @TEParsons in #5533

  • Added log file entry for Keyboard.clearEvents() by @peircej in #5558

  • Fixed missing movie file in demo by @EitanHemed in #5583

  • Coder source tree thought any variable name beginning with def was a function def by @TEParsons in #5581

  • README filename wasn’t being updated for new frames by @TEParsons in #5593

  • Fix Markdown parsing on README files by @TEParsons in #5572

  • Ignore Escape in Keyboard component if needed to end experiment by @TEParsons in #5598

  • Joystick component - SyntaxError in generated code by @EitanHemed in #5601

  • Error got an unexpected keyword argument “reset” when trying to pause using PTB sounds by @peircej in #5619

  • PsychoPJS: Fix issue with first frame of image being shown as default.png in JS by @TEParsons in #5716

  • Add self to list of disallowed Component names by @TEParsons in #5742

  • Split compound Survey answers into individual columns by @TEParsons in #5734

  • Fixed audio file not resetting during (Python) experiment by @mdcutone in #5712

  • If trying to load previously open file that is corrupted, do at least open the app (with an empty window) by @TEParsons in #5696

  • Better catching of name errors in conditions file by @TEParsons in #5654

New contributors:

  • @ranibaron made their first contribution in #5394

  • @patrickabolger made their first contribution in #5414

  • @fboers made their first contribution in #5482

  • @gtosh4 made their first contribution in #5609

  • @ainazay made their first contribution in #5543

  • @marcpabst made their first contribution in #5702

PsychoPy 2023.2.1

Key fixes:

  • Eyetracker plugins were not being detected by Builder by @peircej in #5808

  • Fix device selection for Microphone component by @mdcutone in #5811

  • ioHub reporting negative response times by @TEParsons in #5807

  • Add attributeSetter / set functions for borderWidth by @TEParsons in #5779

  • Option for hiding splash screen available in Preferences by @TEParsons in #5776

  • endExpNow was only defined if Escape was enabled by @TEParsons in #5780

  • Polygon JS from Builder failing to initialise code by @TEParsons in #5783

  • Copied Routines were getting two Routine Settings components by @TEParsons in #5792

  • Fix unresponsive scrolling in Routine canvas by @TEParsons in #5795

  • update Japanese translation by @hsogo in #5789

  • If rewinding Sound (seek to before end) then mark as not finished by @TEParsons in #5781

  • Fixed <expname>_legacy-legacy-browser.js is not a file by @TEParsons in #5799

  • Coder was making an error when opening a new file by @TEParsons in #5801

  • Conditions file was being cleared when loop type is “interleaved staircase” by @TEParsons in #5803

  • Add JS code to set window background image on init by @TEParsons in #5806

  • MacOS iohub “TypeError: startswith first arg must be bytes…” by @peircej in #5812

  • New projects sometimes wouldn’t have a local root by @TEParsons in #5814

  • Handle when Static Component tries to set param of deleted/disabled Component by @TEParsons in #5815

  • Python 3.10 version bump had broken GIF avatars by @TEParsons in #5791

Full Changelog:…2023.2.1

PsychoPy 2023.2.2

Key fixes:

  • Fixed ioHub keyboard timing (was using incorrect timestamp offset) by @TEParsons in #5807

  • Fixed locating config files for ioHub extensions which prevented them from loading by @mdcutone in #5821

  • Fixed bug whereby iohub couldn’t find plugin backends on Mac by @TEParsons in #5824

  • Better handing of experiments with Components that are now only in plugins by @TEParsons in #5834 #5831 #5833

  • Fixed “logFile does not exist” error when “Save log file” is False by @TEParsons in #5836

  • Fixed matrix question breaking apart code in Survey Routine by @TEParsons in #5840

  • Allow expInfo to use values from Code components without overriding them by @TEParsons in #5837

  • Fixed error in Form when using a radio ctrl by @TEParsons in #5843

  • Polygon broken in JavaScript code from Builder by @TEParsons in #5844

  • Ignore spaces when getting variables from name by @TEParsons in #5841

  • “tThisFlip not defined” error when using Routine stop time online by @TEParsons in #5849

  • “eyetracker is not defined” error on experiment quit by @TEParsons in #5850

  • Fixed incorrect formatting in AudioDeviceInfo __repr__ by @mdcutone in #5851

  • Fixed message order in Plugins dialog output by @TEParsons in #5865

  • Update path of README dialog on “save as” by @TEParsons in #5863

  • Fixed sounds restarting at the end of a Routine where they had perviously stopped by @peircej in #5874

Various documentation updates:

  • Progress bar API and documentation by @suelynnmah in #5822

  • Bart Builder demo fix by @suelynnmah in #5823

  • psychophysicsStaircase demo fix by @suelynnmah in #5829

  • Fix colors demo by @TEParsons in #5838

  • Sternberg Builder demo - checked save log file to remove logFile error by @suelynnmah in #5845

PsychoPy 2023.2.3

## Key fixes (from 2023.2.2)

  • Silenced warning about numpy version number in Windows Standalone

  • Fixed issue with “cannot import Never from typing_extensions” in Windows standalone

  • Fixed error detecting eyetracker config files by @TEParsons in #5883 #5886

  • Fixed eyetracker calibration routine freezing by @mdcutone in #5901

  • Fixed support for updated Pupil Labs plugin w/ support for Neon by @domstoppable in #5887

  • Fixed useVersion for JS - needed to create a _legacy.js file by @TEParsons in #5918

  • Fixed SerialOut parity should be N not None by @TEParsons in #5907

  • Fixed bug whereby Textbox’s scrolling Aperture was applied to all stim by @TEParsons in #5934

## Translation works

## New Contributors

  • @meltemkaraca made their first contribution in #5891

  • @SarvCh made their first contribution in #5893

  • @ymhuang1005 made their first contribution in #5894

  • @ice-yu made their first contribution in #5895

  • @domstoppable made their first contribution in #5887

  • @jingrun213 made their first contribution in #5897

  • @psych575 made their first contribution in #5912

Full Changelog:…2023.2.3

PsychoPy 2023.1

Release series 2023.1. Highlights

  • Pavlovia Surveys: can now be integrated into PsychoPy online studies. You still create your survey in the Pavlovia Survey Creator (on you Pavlovia Dashboard) but you can then incorporate them as either a link or an embedded json file into your PsychoJS study. This only works for online studies at present

  • Panorama Stimuli: now supported in PsychoPy (lab-based) studies. You can add a photo-sphere as a stimulus (e.g. create them in Street View app on Android phones) and then insert them into Builder and explore

  • Plugins and Packages: You can now add packages to your PsychoPy installation with a GUI that installs new packages to your user folder (without needing admin rights). Some of PsychoPy’s existing functionality has also moved out to “Plugins”

    • For users, plugins mean more control over what functionality you want PsychoPy to support

    • For developers, plugins mean keeping more independence over your code and ownership

  • Speech Point: on TextBox allows a tail to be added giving the impression of a cartoon speech bubble (lab-based only, currently)

  • MovieStim: further improvements to performance and fixes

On top of the [new features added in 2023.1 series](


  • Fix crash following gamma semi-auto correction (when laying out dialog box) dialog box by @TEParsons in #5452

  • Crashing due to outdated core.getFromNames in Mouse by @TEParsons in #5474

  • Setting Image as a numpy array caused a TypeError by @TEParsons in #5453

  • Handle invalid paths when stringifying params by @TEParsons in #5465

  • Swap all references to Panorama.altitude with Panorama.elevation by @TEParsons in #5471

  • Fix typo in Survey routine - stauts rather than status by @TEParsons in #5468

  • If user requests showing README and there isn’t one then show a blank file @TEParsons in #5470

  • Fix typos in high contrast theme by @TEParsons in #5504

  • Sound files online were playing forever if duration set to <0.5s by @TEParsons in #5466

  • Let Builder treat Sound.isPlaying and Sound.status==STARTED as synonymous by @TEParsons in #5428

  • Correctly ignore blank columns by @wader in #5406

  • Viewport was left as None when checkTiming was unticked by @TEParsons in #5451

  • Better handling when a Pavlovia project / plugin avatars in the app @TEParsons in #5458 #5460 #5469

Documentation fixes by

New Contributors

  • @roelofsaj made their first contribution in #5477

  • @ChenBri made their first contribution in #5478

  • @ChristopheBossens made their first contribution in #5481

  • @wader made their first contribution in #5406

Full Changelog:…2023.1.2

PsychoPy 2023.1.1


  • Better plugin handling:

    • Better handling of plugin dependencies (moved to sub-folders) #5398

    • More responsive plugins dialog (not waiting for all plugin info to populate) #5410

    • Live info updates as the plugin installs #5399

    • Sort package versions newest first commit:a4987c95f

  • Panorama stimulus no longer needs FBO=False on Window

  • MovieStim locally opacity was not being honored commit:094731084

  • MovieStim online crashed if using setEveryRepeat commit:ed484ba17

  • Close eyetracker connection if experiment ends early commit:f9b6f98e4

  • README dialog was created twice #5383

  • Online Experiments with image sitmuli crashing with unknown resource “default.png”

  • Nested loops were crashing

  • Fixed various failures to translate commit:804bfcde2 commit:b1b611ec1

  • Console gave encoding errors when opening MacOS csv files on Windows machines #5396

  • Failure to log in to Pavlovia #5382 #5450

PsychoPy 2022.3

Highlights: - Online: Interface in Pavlovia for building and running online questionnaires! As this is built on top of the

open-source [SurveyJS]( package it offers a rich feature list right off the bat. The new Pavlovia Survey component you can insert a survey into your experiment just like you would a Form component.

  • Python: New Panorama component lets you view a Photo Sphere image as a 3d scene within Python experiments.

  • Python: New style for slider:
    • choice: Hides the Slider line and replaces the marker with a focus box which sits behind the labels.

  • Python: New control types added to Form component:
    • dropdown: A drop-down menu, essentially a Button stimulus showing the current value which, on click, reveals a Slider with style set to choice.

    • checkbox / bool: A tick box for simple yes/no questions

  • Python: Textboxes now have the option to hide overflowing text and/or to show a vertical scrollbar.

  • Python: PsychoPy windows can now have a background image, settable in the Experiment Settings.

  • Online: PsychoJS end message now customisable via Experiment Settings.

  • App: Accessibility enhancements, making it easier to navigate menus and dialog boxes using just the keyboard.

PsychoPy 2022.2


  • BETA: Cameras can now be accessed during your experiments (in web-based and in local experiments) and allow

    • saving recordings to disk

    • showing the current input from the webcam (make the Camera the input to a regular ImageStim)

    • replaying a recording later in the experiment (use the Camera as input to a subsequent MovieStim)

    • all the above features are currently BETA

  • Python: New movie playing engine for higher performance playback in locally experiments (using FFPyPlayer)

  • Online: Introducing the “Shelf” for persistent storage on Pavlovia of variables accessible to a range of scopes (only the current participant, only the current project, any project in the lab etc.). This may sound like not a big deal but it opens options for the following:

    • multi-session studies: retrieve the participant threshold/progress form last session

    • interactive multi-player studies: store ‘messages’ for another user to receive

    • counterbalancing online: by tracking the number of participants that have been in each group

  • Online: Gratings and Gabors now supported online, straight from your Builder experiments

  • Online: gamma correction supported in the browser(!!) by setting Window.gamma property (currently requires a code snippet)

  • Local: Builder now has a Serial Port Component to make it easier to connect to hardware without needing Code Components

Compatibility changes:

  • App: Studies with Code Components that access routineTimer will need adapting because the non-slip Builder logic has changed this is now a regular (count-up) Clock instead of a CountdownTimer

Key Fixes:

  • Online: Button Component is now fully working, so you don’t need to create your own text boxes for this

  • Online: Routines used outside a loop now always advance the next row in the data file so that they can’t overwrite each others’ data

  • Python: The .stopped times should now be showing up correctly for all Components in the csv file (they were always correct in the log file)

  • Python: Better timing in non-slip Routines. Previously the non-slip timer corrected for overshoots but not undershoots. This is now fixed.

  • Python: 3D rendering should be working again.


  • Is trials property of loops (to control whether the data file advances) is now supported in online studies

PsychoPy 2022.2.1


  • App: bug on MacOS opening Builder that led to ‘PosixPath’ object has no attribute ‘is_relative_to’ when loading experiments

  • App: improved performance when the Shell has a large amount of text commit:f1e8d6bf7

  • App: fixed the use of tab traversal within Component dialogs on MacOS commit:a618c4cd7

  • Python: fixed setting the first position of markers on Sliders

  • Python: experiments using ioHub Keyboard backend were registering keypresses twice (once for down and again for up) #4990

PsychoPy 2022.2.2


  • App: non-slip Routines not being terminated properly by force-end-routine #5004

  • Packaging: removed PocketSphinx from requirements (hard to install on several systems)

  • App: translations of some choice fields into Japanese not working correctly #5009

PsychoPy 2022.2.3


  • App: Dark mode was missing “goto” button

  • App: Coder save button was not updating correctly after a change #5031

  • Python: Arabic Harakat diacritics were misaligned in Python TextBox2 #5033

  • Python: rendering performance improvement when contrast=1 #5027

PsychoPy 2022.2.4


  • Python: fix to occasional crashing of new FFPyPlayer moviestim caused by excessive logging in the underlying lib commit:47289f6ca

  • App: better handling of case where Experiment Settings may have syntax error commit:60cf0cea6

  • App: rare case where the $ could get ignored during dialog box validation commit:eb1897087

  • App: better handling of an (apparent) syntax error in user-supplied JS commit:992aaa423

  • App: transcription setting on Mic Component now False by default (because most people don’t have a Google API key set up) commit:2c8a27ed

  • Pkg: added missing Labjack lib to Windows Standalone distribution

PsychoPy 2022.2.5


  • Several fixes to syncing of Pavlovia projects (e.g. when project has been deleted/recreated online or when files have been copied over from another machine) #5117 #5221

  • Shape Component in Builder can now update vertices on each frame/repeat commit:e493ee2ca

  • Participant name missing from filename if given in URL query #5171

  • Eyetracker ROI stop code should only be written if a value is given to stop on #5156

  • Don’t crash if Microphone.stop() called repeatedly #5121

  • TypeError in Window.resetViewport() #5135

  • PupilLabs lib was not being found due to missing __init__ #5180

  • QUESTplus had ben removed from list of loop types commit:2da0cfa0a

  • Sound.pause() was resetting to start of track commit:a161e135a

PsychoPy 2022.1


  • Improved interface for searching, syncing and viewing Pavlovia projects from within the PsychoPy app

  • In online experiments you can now dynamically choose the resources your participant needs as the experiment progresses rather than downloading them all in the first dialog box

  • Can now insert new Routines from pre-packaged templates (such as Fixation, 2-alternative forced choice, feedback, etc)

  • QUEST handlers now available in PsychoJS including interleaved staircases

  • Most visual stimuli now have an “anchor” parameter to control how it’s laid out relative to its position, and you can now set the alignment of text within a Textbox (with a handy demo to illustrate the difference between anchor and alignment!)

  • Added support for Pupil labs eye trackers (thanks to Pupil Labs themselves) directly from the Builder

Compatibility Changes:

  • Python 2.x is no longer supported

  • Filename timestamps now have a different default format (based on ISO 8601): 2022-01-14_14h39.36.092 for 2:39pm and 36s, 92ms See psychopy.utils.getDateStr() for details on the new functionality

New and Improved:

  • Ability to customise the filename in online studies, using the same Experiment Settings option as local studies

  • Standalone distribution now using Python 3.8

  • Builder: Keyboard class now providing the option to select the underlying engine (iohub, psychtoolbox or pyglet) with iohub now being the recommended default

  • Filter components view by what works online vs locally

  • Eye Tracker Record Component can now be use to record across multiple routines.

  • Added Text Color setting to Eye Tracker Calibration and Validation procedures / Routines

  • Allow selection of which U3 register to write to when using a LabJack U3 with the Parallel Out Component.

  • Added non fullscreen window and multiple window support to iohub Mouse device.

  • Python shell within Coder view has been rewritten and is much more functional

  • Mouse now has the option to store only valid clicks

  • Added the option to refer to pre-canned image files, such as default.png and use as an image stimulus

PsychoPy 2022.1.4


  • experiments using iohub were not running on MacOS standalone due to broken version of the gevent library

  • fixes to connection from Builder to Pavlovia in certain circumstances (e.g. certain usernames or when project has moved) commit:22963a9

  • fixes searches of Pavlovia for private projects by the logged in user

  • fix to use of correct answers for Joystick Buttons Component commit:2e66dc1 commit:f9ef1be

  • Builder crashing when a Routine had been copied over commit:4592876

  • some parameters in Builder dialogs were missing their label names commit:c8cd380

  • ShapeStim was not obeying requests for zero opacity commit:8030b2f

  • fixed “currentLoop is not defined” error for online studies commit:a261d04

  • in certain circumstances, mic recordings were not saving for each trial, only for the last trial, when online commit:5e23a0a

PsychoPy 2022.1.3


  • TextStim (and Button, which is derived from TextStim) was not easily clickable online due to incorrect bounding box psychopy/psychojs#492

  • Slider styleTweaks were not being applied #4773

  • Check that file is saved before trying to Run #4759

  • Mouse coordinate mapping was incorrect for MacOS Retina displays which meant that Slider and Brush wasn’t working, for instance #4755

  • Allow the Sound Component to be used if transcription libs were not available #4747

  • Form Component excel template was corrupted (by google sheets export) #4742

  • Copying a Routine from one experiment to another was causing a compile error #4740

  • Better logging of errors during application load for debugging purposes #4750

  • Setting the Slider to reset() was looking like a response when it shouldn’t #4738

  • Fixed core.getTime() for M1 native installations (does not affect Standalone or Intel-based installations on M1) b839a32da52b

  • Allow 3-dimensional arrays for ShapeStim vertices 31ca663bf2

  • Fix dependency definition for Poetry installations 77cb7c92eac4

  • Fix use of event module for keyboard as fallback for iohub/ptb 5c3672804f1

  • If HomeBrew has a broken fonts folder ignore it #4719

  • If user specifies a line width of “2”`make it `2 389bfd4692

PsychoPy 2022.1.2


  • URL redirection was failing at the end of the study for online experiments where the JS code was generated using 2022.1.0-2022.1.1 due to an erroneous replacement of // with / in https:// commit:e8218b31f

  • Hyphens can now be included in Pavlovia project names (the validator in the PsychoPy GUI was being too strict) commit:bbe6bf5ed

  • Static Components that are used for fetching online resources (e.g. using a Movie Component that sets its stimulus during a Static) will now freeze and wait until the resource is fully received if it takes longer than the set duration. Using ResourceManager components the experiment will not freeze but status can be checked status==FINISHED when download is complete

  • Fixed a bug where, after logging out of the Pavlovia Session in the PsychoPy interface, PsychoPy would still provide the option to use the names/groups of that user, but would not then allow access to their contents. commit:bbe6bf5ed

  • PsychoPy would crash if using the Classic Theme on a mac with a retina display (missing icons) commit:495fddd81

  • DotStim in local (Python) experiments was failing to update dots position #4694

  • Error raised when creating a new Pavlovia project from the menu item rather than the toolbar button #4683

  • Crashing on MacOS when running experiment due to Keyboard a) ‘iohub’ not loading due to gevent incompatibility and b) not then correctly falling back to ‘event’ backend

PsychoPy 2022.1.1


  • MacOS app failed to run experiments with dialog boxes (broken dependency being packaged)

  • the application would hang while trying to push any changes to Pavlovia

  • added Japanese translations of the new menu items etc

PsychoPy 2022.1.0

Many bug fixes from 2021.x release, more than we have room for here, including:

  • Code / Builder: iohub keyboard mappings now match those used by event.getKeys().

  • Code: labjacks.U3.setData was not working

  • Builder: Region of Interest (ROI) Component does not depend on ETRecord component.

  • Builder: ROI Component ‘look away’ now ends routine after eyes have been outside ROI for ‘Min look time’ seconds.

  • Code: 0.5 second blocking eyelink start/stop/record caused iohub to drop keyboard events.

  • Code: eyelink now uses calibration ‘randomize’ param.

  • Code: Layout of Form, Slider and Textbox now much more stable and consistent

PsychoPy 2021.2


  • Unified Eyetracker support via ioHub is now integrated into Builder for easy-to-use eyetracking studies, with many fixes, improvements and a “MouseGaze” option to simulate eye movements while testing

  • Mic recordings for voice responses (Python and JS)

  • Transcription (speech-to-text) via Google Speech or using CMU Pocket Sphinx (free but currently on the Python lib only)

  • Improved JavaScript outputs from the Builder, providing more seamless migration to web-based studies

Compatibility Changes:

  • CHANGED: In Python the random number generators for TrialHandlers etc use an improved algorithm (PCG64) and are now indendent of each other but seeded random sequences will differ from previous versions

PsychoPy 2021.2.0

New and improved:

  • JS+Py: Record and transcribe (speech-to-text) audio responses in both Python and JavaScript engines using various local (CMU Pocket Sphinx) and web (Google and Bing) services.

  • Py: Eyetracking Components added to Builder for code-free eye-gaze monitoring
    • Eyetracker Record: Starts an ioHub server to receive input from an eye tracker

    • Eyetracker Calibration: Runs calibration procedure on connected eyetracker

    • Eyetracker Validation: Runs validation procedure on connected eyetracker

    • Region Of Interest: A PsychoPy polygon with methods to check whether it’s being looked at, how long for, how many times, etc.

    • also improved calibration and validation procedures

  • Py: Improved Movie playback performance for both the OpenCV (MovieStim3) and VLC backends. The VLC backend has added playback controls (fast-forward, rewind, etc)

  • Py: hardware.Keyboard class now supports ioHub as a backend and will use that in preference to Psychtoolbox keyboard (PsychHID) if ioHub has been started before the Keyboard is created. ioHub keyboard is similarly in performance but with fewer constraints (can handle a wider range of keyboards)

  • App: demos within the app got so busy they’ve been moved into categories

  • App: includes some basic fonts, so as not to rely on what is installed (except on macOS where these aren’t permitted)

  • App: output is available again in the bottom of the Coder view

  • App: many improvements to the autotranslate of Py->JS in Code Components (fixing issues from the “Crib sheet”)

  • JS: audio playback can fade in/out to avoid clicks

  • JS: Builder loops (TrialHandlers) support and update properties such as thisN as in Python Experiments

  • JS: Form supports formComplete() call to check if all required items have a response

  • JS: Form supports items types: SLIDER, RADIO (synonyms for RATING and CHOICE)

  • JS: Button Component now supported for text-based buttons (as in the Python Component already present)

  • JS: supports more options for color styles


  • Py: TextBox better handling word boundaries for newlines

  • Py: Button was incorrectly treating a held-down button as a click (now supports new-clicks only option)

  • Py: ioHub better integration with PsychoPy units and color spaces

  • JS: bug in Form scrolling

  • JS: various fixes to TextBox and Form styling

  • JS: Data files output now include information about their character encoding (BOM) supporting more locales of Excel

PsychoPy 2021.2.1


  • macOS was crashing on launch (caused by missing files from psychtoolbox stripped by macOS GateKeeper)

  • added cryptography lib explicitly to requirements for pip install commit:267483d00

  • Runner local debug of PsychoJS experiments was failing with MIME-type errors (Runner didn’t know about new psychojs packaging) #4153

  • extended timeout when querying Pavlovia from the app (e.g. searching for projects) #4148

  • corrected reset of clock for new Button Component

  • DlgFromDict was crashing if labels were used (in code) #4137

  • short (<0.5s) sounds were not labelled as finished in PsychoJS boilerplate #4117

  • contrast parameter was not being applied to ShapeStim #4111

PsychoPy 2021.2.2


  • Builder outputs weren’t fully honouring the userVersion() request, resulting in broken PsychoJS code commit:5f10b0a12 commit:017c18f2f

  • Better documentation of (high-performance) VLC movie backend

  • iohub.Mouse.setPosition was not handling units correctly when given a float

  • Builder boilerplate for Microphone was looking for a transcription even if none was requested #4163

PsychoPy 2021.2.3


  • on macOS the long-standing issue of the app freezing in the dock has now been fixed #4214

  • smoother handling of trying to run an experiment on a computer with different mic hardware than where the experiment was created #4210

  • Minolta LS100/110 was not working due to broken bytes/unicode conversion #4186

  • ElementArray was not honouring the contrasts (contrs) parameter #4196

  • Code Components were giving unnecessary warning about namespace issues. Should only warn if a variable name is being _shadowed_ not if it’s being _used_ #4193

PsychoPy 2021.1

The first major release of 2021 brings a lot of fixes (the dev team is focussing heavily on making the user experience more smooth at the moment).

On top of those fixes are a number of useful additions though, like the new Button Component.


  • Builder has a Button Component to make it easier to have clickable image/text objects

  • Builder: Improved layout of Component dialogs:

    • Consistent tabs for common parameters (like pos, size, color…)

    • Component parameters that use filenames (sounds, images, etc.) now have a Browse… button

    • Component parameters that use Excel files now have an “open in Excel” button, if you click this when the field is blank it will open a pre-made template for you

    • Component parameters that are colors now have a button to open the color picker

  • Builder now features separate compile buttons for JS and Py and will open the JS file in the Coder view when compiled

  • Builder readme files now support markdown formatting (and .md extensions) psychopy/psychopy#3377

  • PsychoPy lib: refactored color handling via the Color class

CHANGES (compatibility issues):

  • CHANGED: the new more-flexible parameters of PsychoPy Experiment Components makes experiments from 2021.1 **will not run** on older versions of PsychoPy. If you share your study with people using older versions make sure you set the :ref:’useVersion’ setting to be 2021.1.0 or upwards so that it will run elsewhere

  • CHANGED: PsychoJS: orientation for PsychoJS now follows clock convention rather than engineering convention (polar coordinates, positive rotation is anti-clockwise) whereas PsychoPy used the clock convention. From this release onwards both use the clock convention or orientation/rotation.

  • CHANGED: Slider has additional params for colors and fonts of lines/labels/marker that will not exist on older installations

  • CHANGED: BufferImageStim was using an incorrect rect specification for selecting the region of the screen - it was using a bottom-left instead of PsychoPy standard center ‘#3597 <>’_

PsychoPy 2021.1.0


  • All: Curly quotation marks (“”), which are sometimes automatically put into text boxes by MacOS and certain keyboard settings, will now be automatically replaced with regular quotation marks (“) when in code. To use curly quotation marks still, you can “escape” them by putting a before them.

  • Lib: Fixed syntax warnings on Python 3.8 #3344

  • Lib: The Pygame audio backend can be used again. #3382

  • Lib: Several fixes to iohub ( #3348, #3399, #3412, commit psychopy/psychopy/3912167)

  • Builder/Coder: Fixed the error raised when the “Plot gamma” button in the monitor center is clicked but no calibration data is loaded. #3384

  • Coder/Builder: Correct detection of retina/high-dpi displays within wxPython on MacOS, Linux, and Windows.

  • Python Lib: TextBox stim text layout not working on linux and macOS.

  • Python Lib: various minor fixes to TextBox2

  • Coder: Miscellaneous bug fixes to demos/coder/stimuli example scripts.

  • Coder: Fixed a possible error when parsing code to build the source tree.

  • Coder: Handle error caused when closing editor tabs.

  • Builder: The “Routine” pane can no longer be- moved which broke the builder interface.

  • Coder: Make Coder’s default size reasonable on fresh install. #3472

  • Coder: Bug where opening an unsupported file type raises an error. #3519

  • Coder: Fixed bug where the source tree raises and error if it comes across things it cannot correctly parse.

  • Online: Prevent Safari from beeping in full screen. psychopy/psychojs#266

  • Online: Slider sizing, tick placement, and event handling improvements. #249 #263 #264

  • Online: Fixed ShapeStim instances ignoring the closeShape property. psychopy/psychojs#245

  • Online: Support TrialHandler.Method.FULLRANDOM. psychopy/psychojs#247

  • Online: Improved mouse event accuracy overall. psychopy/psychojs#248

  • Online: Fixed ShapeStim variants ignoring the contrast property. psychopy/psychojs#250

  • Online: Fixed an issue translating ‘n’ encoded line breaks when importing conditions files. psychopy/psychojs#251

  • Online: Fixed TextBox click handling. psychopy/psychojs#258

  • Online: Improved MovieStim autoplay. psychopy/psychojs#260

  • Online: Allow for parsing of array-like strings when setting VisualStim position or size. psychopy/psychojs#262

  • Online: Prevent Safari from beeping in full screen. psychopy/psychojs#266

PsychoPy 2021.1.1


  • Error when trying to sync a new project with Pavlovia commit:33b3d80ea

  • TextBox in Builder was resetting to “default text” on each repeat rather than blank commit:8510d9f1a

  • Editable elements of Form were being erroneously drawn when they fell beyond the Form boundary commit:7d02c8251

  • Several improvements to styling of Form (on Python)

  • Added a preference for Builder to show only the online-compatible Components (or other similar options). This is a BETA testing feature

PsychoPy 2021.1.2


  • Code Components were raising an error when trying to generate JS code #3643

  • Slider styles weren’t generating correct JS code

  • New Button component (Python only) was not cleaning previous clicks so they tended to act as if clicking all trials! #3641

PsychoPy 2021.1.3


  • Builder: Fix ‘list’ object has no attribute ‘contains’ with clickable mouse objects #3651

  • Builder: context (right-click) menu was not aligned with mouse in Flow for large Flows #3657

  • Builder: Slider styles were not being used correctly from previous versions (<2021.0) #3665

  • Builder: crash if the filter preference was used to filter out pure Python or pure JS Components from Builder #3649

  • Builder: Color Picker defaults to RGB to reduce chance of users pasting in RGBA to visual Components #3667

  • Runner: local debug of online studies working again (was trying to fetch the wrong PsychoJS version) commit:af6622c71

  • PsychoPy lib: better handling of unknown fonts (fall back to Open Sans and Alert) commit:fba09ef8d

  • PsychoPy lib: better timing on iohub for macOS key/mouse polling commit:fba09ef8d

PsychoPy 2021.1.4


  • Py Lib: Sounds from files were being truncated #3689

  • Py Lib: TrialHandlerExt now compatible with current numpy (had an index error before) #3705

  • Py Lib: MoviStim raising an error if opacity was None commit:50334df2f

  • Py Lib: RIFT backend not working commit:428f62f80

  • Builder: When letter height was set to a variable it raised an error at run time TypeError: len() of unsized object commit:b1a77ca3a

  • Builder: Raising an error when floats looking like file names #3719

  • Builder: better handling of failure to updateVersion commit:afec41226

  • JS: TextBox when editable was not being reset on each trial #3706

  • JS: Keyboard should stop consuming keypresses at end of trial, even if not storing data #3706

  • JS: Add Sound.setSound() method to allow for dynamically deciding audio source psychopy/psychojs#154

  • JS: Allow for PIXI updates when dynamically adjusting opacity, including on polygons psychopy/psychojs#203

  • JS: Give Form radio type support psychopy/psychojs#281

  • JS: Improve ImageStim.setImage() attribute checking psychopy/psychojs#292

  • JS: Give TrackPlayer fades on play / stop psychopy/psychojs#296

  • JS: Fix TextBox eating up key presses psychopy/psychojs#302

PsychoPy 2020.2


  • New look, including dark mode, customizable themes and new flat buttons (you can choose a Classic theme to get the old buttons back for comfort)

  • Now have an class for /editable/ text called TextBox2:

    • very fast rendering (faster than the original TextStim)once the font characters are uploaded

    • supports an editable flag which allows it to pick up text input to the window including full unicode support for your keyboard

    • you can apply (fake) bold and italics within the text using <i></i> and <b></b>

    • if multiple editable TextBoxes are onscreen together you can tab between them

  • Form components now work online and support (in both lab-based and online versions):

    • free text

    • ratings and sliders

    • choice boxes (radio buttons)

    • descriptions (no response)

    • headings

  • Improved Coder:

    • call-tips for code and better auto-completion

    • view the folders and the structure of the current file

  • Improved Runner:

    • Builder/Coder provide options to run directly (Ctrl-R) and Runner only then used to show stdout

    • more visible how to save/open Runner filelists

    • Runner filelists saved as .psyrun files and can be loaded into PsychoPy with a double-click

  • Online studies don’t need to use html folder. Keep everything where it is! If resources aren’t found automatically (and you would have put them in to the Resources folder) you can now add them to the ExperimentSettings>Online>AdditionalResources

  • Added support for Emotive and BrainProducts EEG hardware

  • CSV data outputs now have an option to set the delimitter (e.g. ; or t rather than ,)

  • Brush component now has an option to allow drawing without having to hold down the mouse button #2980


  • _PsychoJS_ code now uses the same syntax for loop termination as _PsychoPy_ allowing either nameOfLoop.finished=true or currentLoop.finished=true

  • Python 2.7 is no longer supported. We recommend Python versions 3.6 or 3.7 (3.8 is not tested likely to work)


  • Various compatibility fixes for JS code from PsychoPy

    • loop termination now working the same as Python and correctly auto-translated

    • movies should now restart correctly, at least on browsers that support the seek behavior

    • randint is now included and imported in all scripts

    • sin, cos, pi etc are also imported in all scripts

  • support for wxPython 4.1

  • so many more small fixes!

PsychoPy 2020.2.10

Further fixes on top of the new features in 2020.2:

PsychoPy 2020.2.9

Further fixes on top of the new features in 2020.2:

PsychoPy 2020.2.8

Further fixes on top of the new features in 2020.2:

  • support for macOS 11.1 Big Sur (updated mac pyglet to 1.5.11 and mac Python to 3.6.8)

  • fixed default blank text in textBox for online studies actually showing a pair of quotes commit:786e1d3f7

  • flag to alphabetically sort Exp Info fields was being set always true #3279

  • Position and Size params for Form Component were being requested twice commit:d45ca99c9

  • fixed annoying (but harmless) error ‘ModuleNotFoundError: import of pyglet halted; None in sys.modules’

  • further fixes to Runner not showing print() statements commit:e0ec67e6f

  • Routine panels now support mouse scroll wheel to navigate commit:6da3707d3

PsychoPy 2020.2.7

(Binaries never released)

PsychoPy 2020.2.6


  • missing resource error in some online experiments, caused by incorrect relative relative paths in Settings>Online>Resources #3285

  • JavaScript Code Components for Before Experiment is now moved earlier in the script - it needed to be positioned before first function opens #3289

  • TextBox was missing setBorderColor and setFillColor so these needed code to change dynamically commit:eb915732d

  • TextBox was carrying the text from one trial into the next commit:330f5fa1d

  • Coder FoldAll menu item was having no effect commit:6d4f66b0d

  • TextStim opacity can now be set dynamically #1045

  • Loop OK button was sometimes left disabled if invalid inputs commit:3a1104f71

  • fixed non-uniform probabilities of conditions file row selection suggested in docs #3256

  • workaround for scipy.optimize import error on windows machines that are using BitLocker #3287

  • if a TextBox is the only editable thing on the screen then give it focus #3269

PsychoPy 2020.2.5


  • Now code-signing the installer on Windows as well as macOS

  • Failing to send print statements to output, depending on how PsychoPy was launched commit:4773ec32d Only occurred if you launch by double-clicking file or if you close Runner

  • Coder crashing on macOS when using editor with autocomplete=True commit:687e81dfb

  • ioHub fix for unicode strings commit:5451ea49a

  • Marker color on RatingScale was not resetting (but use Slider anyway!) #3140

  • Runner sometimes ran wrong script (and never knew which to stop). Now better tracking of running process #3142

  • Slider not honoring the order from the Routine (should render in order from top down) commit:9e0299544

  • JavaScript Code Components for Before Experiment were having no effect #3151

  • error with trying to poll() on a script process that was NoneType commit:cc56713cc

  • Editable textboxes were still able to be drawn if you clicked on them (even when they were not told to draw()) commit:8253f0696

  • warn against using global JS names in experiment #3177

  • Brush not being reset in JavaScript commit:88812c3bd

  • Movie reset issue #3183

  • countinueRoutine=False had no effect for online studies if in Begin Routine block

  • errors that should have appeared in the console were sometimes appearing in the (app) error dialog commit:d44f24d63

  • more tolerant of whitespace in Emotiv Client ID file

  • Runner AddTask dialog had wrong format for file filter #3213

  • Sound volume attribute was having no effect on the PTB backend #3215

  • Fixed fill/line colors of TextBox #3222

  • Error in JavaScript code when Movie Component had blank stop time commit:0b4ddcffc

  • Better handling of stdout encodings when console not set to utf-8 encoding commit:d77535906

  • Improved Resources box for the online (using relative references commit:c9558bfd8 and resize with dialog commit:d607271db)

  • JavaScript code-conversion now uses our own built-in round() function mimicking the same function in Python commit:da426d9e3

PsychoPy 2020.2.4


  • improved search for resources files when compiling JS (was crashing if using root folder and using code to specify the conditions file) commit:09816985d

  • the Before Experiment section of Code Components wasn’t being written for JavaScript components commit:bbfd310

  • error with wx complaining about Alignment (in wx 4.1) commit:a32e2ca commit:ae508d6

  • TextBox Component default size is None (=autoexpand)

  • TextBox editable=True had no effect on the Builder outputs to JavaScript

  • themes menu correctly updates what the current them is in all open windows commit:c5cdc49

  • custom fonts that didn’t provide a “family name” were causing the font search to crash commit:ef078ab

  • bug trying to us an invalid “useRunner” preference 3532e4c

  • JavaScript studies failed if there were 2 Mouse Components in a single Routine commit:0e0b26d4d commit:32a6be2

  • improved Big Five Inventory demo

  • blank TextBox Component should use blank string rather than None commit:39bf1bb

  • further fix to macOS stapling (might not have worked for users with no internet connection?)

  • Form Component now honors being set to show only at certain times (in keeping with other visual Components) commit:35ad5bc

  • Coder now correctly providing syntax styling for JS and C

PsychoPy 2020.2.3


  • Mac version now fully signed and notarized for GateKeeper! For some time it’s been an annoyance that Apple would block PsychoPy because of it not being from a “known developer” but in recent updates GateKeeper has become so aggressive the app has been crashing on startup for some macOS versions. Hopefully Apple will now let us launch in peace!

  • better handling of non-loading fonts in the application On mac some fonts weren’t being found (although this might be due to the now-solved gatekeeper issue)

  • auto-translate py->js for parameters with $ We were translating code components but not parameter boxes where the user was switching to code using $ #3064

  • better handling when a piece of code fails to convert (warning not error) #3063

  • show progress (in Runner) while syncing project with Pavlovia #3061

  • various fixes and additions to Japanese translations

PsychoPy 2020.1

For the new decade we have a new version system. The application is still called PsychoPy3 for now, but we’re using year.version.bugfix from now on to mark versions.


  • Many exciting tools for 3D rendering. See Coder demos menu for some examples

  • Online studies have better cross-browser compatibility including fixed support for edge

  • Auto-translate Code Components Py-?JS (syntax only)

  • Online studies have substantially improve timing. In fact, PsychoPy now has the best timing of any online system, consistently under 4ms precision for RTs!

  • New Runner dialog:
    • provides some ‘Alerts’ about things that might go wrong in their study #2646

    • allows you to run/save/open a set of studies without opening a window for each one

    • allows online studies to run locally in “debug” mode to test the study before uploading

  • Online studies now support shapes Cross, Star and regular polygons (nVertices) #2673

  • Support for pyglet 1.4, including support for text alignment in multi-line text #2693

  • CHANGED: rendering of text stimuli may not look quite the same. We now have new parameters anchorHoriz and TextAlign rather than alignHoriz but this may not act the same in all cases #2693

  • Online studies no longer require a separate html folder. #2687 In some cases (e.g. when adding extra resource files) it may be preferable to keep the html folder and that’s currently still the default for new studies but ExperimentSettings>online>folder can now be set to blank and the html/js files will be saved alongside the psyexp/py files. This reduces file duplication.

  • Support for QUESTplus staircases

  • Pyglet backend now supports 10-bit framebuffer #2672

  • Updated support for Oculus Rift #2655

  • Added a Pie (pacman) stimulus #2652

  • Substantially faster rendering of DotStim #2647

PsychoPy 2020.1.3

  • Runner was not launching Coder scripts from their own directory #2819

  • csv files should allow separator to be ; and decimal place to be , #2825 #2828

  • PsychoPy application was now launching in Windows versions <8.1 (which don’t know about high-dpi displays) #2820

PsychoPy 2020.1.2

  • Keypad key responses were not showing up as numbered responses under the new Keyboard class #2812

  • Cedrus button box had an error int he Builder-output code added in 2020.1.1 commit:186ec5876

  • Code Component was accidentally forcing people to use code auto-conversion commit:5c57d0c9d

PsychoPy 2020.1.1


  • Several tweaks to the new Runner dialog:
    • Double-click takes you back to the file in the appropriate Builder/Coder view

    • Ctrl-R within the Runner run the file (so you can do Ctrl-R twice from builder and you’re running)

    • Alerts separated from stdout so they’re more visible

    • Alerts for Builder are checked on experiemnt selection rather than on script compile time

    • Alert was testing stim size/pos incorrectly if using units “from experiment settings”

  • Mac keyboard access should now bring up a dialog taking you to the correct System Preferences panel

  • Fixes to Eyelink 1000 communications from iohub commit:1a8c6923b

  • Better support for high-res displays on Windows #2795

  • Further tweak to readline issues on linux commit:6975040fa commit:4a80060b9

PsychoPy 2020.1.0


  • Rect stimulus now aliases size with width and height so that users can refer to either #2650

  • Faster updating of DotStim dot locations (so fewer dropped frames) #2647

  • continueRoutine can be set in the BeginRoutine block rather than the EachFrame block #2680

  • Tab key was incorrectly reporting itself as ‘escape’ in new Keyboard object #2620

  • many more!

  • Cedrus response box can be inserted into multiple routines without having to use a Code Component (no “Could not find a Cedrus device” error)

PsychoPy 3.2

PsychoPy 3.2.4


PsychoPy 3.2.3


  • on the pip install version (incorrectly packaged) there was an error “NameError: name ‘pythonExec’ is not defined”

  • JS version system now drops the final (bugfix) release number (3.2.3 -> 3.2 in JS lib)

  • Cedrus response box now supports keys as a variable value in Builder #2608

  • QuestPlusHandler now supports “unknown” kwargs #2610

PsychoPy 3.2.2


PsychoPy 3.2.1

  • Python2 installations crashed when trying to launch studies from Builder due to the use of a modern argument to subprocess not supported by Python2 #2596

  • If Builder script had an error, then printing of that error was sometimes being split across the output frame (of Builder) and the output panel of Coder #2594

PsychoPy 3.2.0

It’s all about the new timing improvements!

PsychoPy 3.2.0

TIMING improvements:

  • new Sound backend ‘PTB’ which is much faster than any of the alternatives on all operating systems (using the C code from Psychtoolbox thanks to Mario Kleiner) :
    • when combined with pre-scheduling (e.g. start playback on upcoming win.flip()) this can generate sub-ms precision and sub-ms lag!

    • works with standard audio hardware

  • better timing of visual stimuli when timing by ‘secs’ (rather than frames):
    • new feature to request info from the Window about next expected flip

    • t in a Builder scripts is now time from first frame (so synched to visual stims)

  • better timing on the keyboard responses of the JavaScript experiments due to timestamping asynchronously with your script


  • Standalone installations now provide an updated Cedrus library, pyxid2

  • Support for new LabHackers TTL2USB8 device (parallel port alternative)

  • Envelope grating now has exponent (power) option


  • Long-standing issue with lots of print-statements (e.g. on every frame) crashing Builder scripts

  • Support for Pyglet 1.4 (although text scaling appears to have changed a little)

  • Some serial devices (photometers) were not compatible with Python3 string/bytes conversion

  • Too many more to mention…!

PsychoPy 3.1

We’ve improved keyboard timing a great deal.

As of PsychoPy 3.1 we are now using the underlying code of the kbQueue calls in Psychophysics Toolbox. The C code from those calls was ported to a new Python package in late 2018 and this is now the basis of the new Keyboard class. This only works on 64-bit Python3 installations, but the Keyboard class will fall back to the old event.GetKeys calls where the psychtoolbox package is not available.

PsychoPy 3.1.5


  • new rendering glitch in ImageStim when mask=None and interpolate=True, caused by previous fix to the wrapping issue #2526

PsychoPy 3.1.4


  • further fix to Mic for experiments created under the previous version (our last fix only solved the problem for new Mic Components being inserted) #2512

  • fixed demo timeByFrames which was set to use Qt4 for plotting instead of Qt5 (which has been the default version provided since the switch to Python3)

  • fixed crash in the new Keyboard class caused by psychtoolbox lib incorrectly converting unicode characters in the device name (this was actually a fix in #kleinerm/Psychtoolbox-3@a5c37855a4a097) that needed repackaging

  • error with Variable Component trying to save start/stop times (that might not exist for that variable) commit:e1bca1bdc

  • some data could get orphaned (and not saved) by being collected in the outer section of a nested loop commit:8b7fda826

  • when using Mouse.getPos() with retina display and win.units==’pix’ the mouse pos was double the expected value commit:a78d74420

PsychoPy 3.1.3


  • StairHandler code from Builder was failing in 3.1 due to new tStartRefresh data being sent to wrong method (addData not addOtherData) #2497

  • Routines in online studies that weren’t included in (or before) a loop were not having their data saved #2496

  • Fix to audio capture error “bad argument at position 0” from Builder experiments commit:dadb9be25

  • PsychoPy app didn’t recognise projects that were pointing to gitlab ssh targets (e.g. created in terminal) commit:08d7937

PsychoPy 3.1.2


  • teething problems with new Keyboard:

    • in Builder there was stuttering of sounds and lags in frame timing caused by accidentally creating lots of Kyeboards while checking for ‘escape’

    • durations were being reported with correct magnitude but as negative values commit:e43e47460

    • problem on Windows if keyboard device name contained unicode (that problem was actually in psychtoolbox package, now updated in Standalone)

    • on Windows, the ‘return’ key was being called ‘num_enter’

  • videos were not running online commit:9779579b6 commit:51b0824f7

  • fixed rounding error in filtering of NoiseStim commit:5d0e360d8

  • iohub waitKeys should act like getKeys if maxWait<=0 commit:e33f733f3

  • error if unicode items in the new Form class commit:8287674f4


  • videos in Builder now have a Loop playback parameter

  • Standalone distributions now include tobii-research package

PsychoPy 3.1.1


  • Added the loop playback parameter to Movie Components


  • Microphone on windows failed if user didn’t manually set pyo to be preferred lib. That isn’t now needed commit:700b72cd6

  • pyo lib is now provided in the 64 bit Python3 Standalone (win)

  • The new Keyboard class wasn’t clearing all events when requested (e.g. at the beginning of stimulus onset) #2442

  • Parallel port lib in the Windows 32-bit version wasn’t working (installed a new dll)

  • OpenCV in Mac Standalone wasn’t working (updated to be a package not a single file)

  • Sounds with variable duration didn’t stop properly #2446

  • Fix to JS output when useVersion was set to something

  • Cedrus XID lib is now working on Python3 (although their official one is yet to come)

PsychoPy 3.1.0


  • hardware.keyboard.Keyboard class, based on C code from the Psychtoolbox project (ported to Python by Mario Kleiner)

  • faster than event.getKeys() (polling is asynchronous with drawing loop and the calls go direct to the USB rather than going via the operating system key calls)

  • supports keyDuration fields as well as rt for key down time

  • Form class for combining text items and responses (currently ratings and radio items) in a scrollable list

  • each Builder Component is now outputting its start/stop times in the data file by default (can be turned off for )

PsychoPy 3.0

PsychoPy3 is the new phase of development including support for online studies at the experiment server. Many of the features here are relatively new and, although we have spent hundreds of hours developing and testing them you should be more cautious than ever checking your experiment and data outputs.

PsychoPy 3.0.7


  • local project repeatedly asking to Create New Pavlovia project when one already exists commit:c3f0d203f

  • Fixed “No module named ‘PyQt4’” on MacOS<10.10 caused by PyQt dropping support for Mac10.9 in PyQt5.9 #2375

  • don’t allow movie->online to use units ‘from experiment settings’ commit:8cbaf8a71

  • Py3 string/byte fixes for CRS ColorCal commit:3bf1b7e5d commit:d49f154a0

  • various fixes to Japanese translations

PsychoPy 3.0.6


  • was accidentally removed by Python3 conversion and now added back in commit:c44621ab0

  • various fixes to iohub Python3 compatibility (especially for datastore)

  • permit reading “xlsm” files as conditions files (Excel files with macros although these will be ignored by Python) commit:9e11bfd61

  • added space key to the GlobalEventKeys #2310

  • fix to pating into Code Component with windows EOLs

  • fixes to Japanese translation (and bug around saving Static Components in Japanese locale)

  • packaging: PyQt package inside one of the Standalone distros was broken

PsychoPy 3.0.5


  • sounddevice backend not importing on systems that don’t have readline commit:a9bbe98b3

  • better automated Pavlovia logging-in for users, based on project commit:460889e5d

  • faster auto-logging for changes involving numpy arrays (e.g. elexment arrays XYs) commit:e5dfc9e7d

  • fix paste when using legacy macOS end-of-lines (convert them to ‘n’ always) commit:94c5ee6a2

  • updated Japanese translations #2292

PsychoPy 3.0.4



  • New Builder Pavlovia button to examine properties of current project

  • Added star to ShapeStim (currently only in Python) commit:8e6c40993

  • Added tooltips for Pavlovia buttons

PsychoPy 3.0.3

CHANGED: Slight change to creation of *new* experiments, which will now default to the units of ‘height’ rather than ‘use preferences’ (which led to potential confusion when the experiment moved to a different computer)



  • star available as a Shape in Builder (but not online yet)

  • experiment info dialog now supports drop-downs to constrain options (e.g. [‘male’,’female’,’other’] )

  • BBTK now supports mode Digital Stimulus Response Echo commit:5da328fcf

PsychoPy 3.0.2


  • Builder’s PsychoJS outputs were not updating their versions (pointing to the version the script was first created in, not the version currently used) commit:789d24ee4

  • sounddevice under Python2 had a bug with being unable to copy() commit:c1317b6b6

  • now prevent the user from accessing useVersion if that version can’t be supported by the current install (e.g. incompatible Python version or wx version)

  • Windows Standalone version now includes dependency for [pyqmix]( pumps

PsychoPy 3.0.1


  • JS outputs were connecting to outdated PsychoJS version (3.0.0b11 instead of 3.0.0)

  • updated numpy (to 1.15.4) and scipy (to 1.2.0) for windows installs using in the hope of fixing numpy problems for some windows boxes

  • JS string values in Py27 were being convert to b’theString’ in JS outputs which obviously broke JS


  • Slider support from JS outputs

PsychoPy 3.0.0

Although there were several beta versions preceding this, the changes described below are the broader changes since 1.90.3 (the previous “stable” version).


  • supports heavily revamped PsychoJS library:
    • new PsychoJS supports text, images, keyboards, mouse, sounds, movies, sliders

    • you can also now include Builder Code Components that include both Python and JavaScript optional code so your components will work online too

  • PsychoPy can search, sync and create experiments on
    • search for existing studies

    • create your own

    • run (and collect data into csv files or mongoDB)

    • sync, including (push changes to the server and fetch back data)

  • Additional new features: - Slider class, recommended replacement for RatingScale (more efficient, more flexible and simpler to use) - support for Oculus Rift (only on Windows 64bit Python 3) all due to Matthew Cutone

Many bugs have also been fixed, notably in terms of audio library problems and memory problems with MovieStim3.

PsychoPy 3.0.0b7


  • New rating scale (Slider) handles color properly #1944 and better handling of button drag #1945

  • ‘newRating’ Builder demo has been fixed (forceEndRoutine shouldn’t have been happening)

  • timeByFrames now renders the graph into the PsychoPy window (was sometimes hanging on mac otherwise)

PsychoPy 3.0.0b6


  • several sync problems with commit:1f0d8bcab
    • sync when an empty project already exists is now fine

    • after creating the project, changing a file and repeating sync, it didn’t detect the changed file

    • sync to a project that has been deleted remotely now asks if you want to recreate the project

    • better reporting of error if sync fails

  • further fix to memory leak in MovieStim3 commit:9d0c127d8

  • fix to PsychoJS output code: loops were not being compiled correctly commit:6a8e700a3

  • when compiling to JS we now detect tuples and convert to lists for params (JS only has one sequence, with [ ] )

PsychoPy 3.0.0b4


  • some packaging issues on both Windows and Mac (e.g. updates to Pillow=5.2.0, soundfile=0.10.2) also fixes libsndfile error on Mac_Py2 standalone

  • when the localRoot has been set for a project (before sync) we should get back the sync window

  • clicking “runOnline” before creating/syncing your project with Pavlovia now does the right thing

  • fix to MovieStim3 unloading of movies #1917

PsychoPy 3.0.0b3


  • a further issue with the app not starting on some machines (due to the first-run wizard)

  • searching pavlovia projects now support stars and forks in sorting

  • Slider forceEndRoutine was having no effect

  • sounddevice problem when playing a mono sound to stereo stream or vice-versa


  • support for Oculus Rift (only on Windows 64bit Python 3) all due to Matthew Cutone

  • Japanese translations to many of the new features/controls

PsychoPy 3.0.0b2

FIXED: an issue with the app not starting (if git not installed)

PsychoPy 3.0.0b1

PsychoPy3 is the new phase of development including support for online studies at the experiment server. Right now this is BETA SOFTWARE. It WILL contain bugs but we’re fixing them as fast as we/you can find them!


  • supports heavily revamped PsychoJS library
    • new PsychoJS supports text, images, keboards, mouse and sounds

    • you can also now include Builder Code Components that include both Python and JavaScript optional code so your components will work online too

  • PsychoPy can search, sync and create experiments on
    • search for existing studies

    • create your own

    • run (and collect data into csv files)

    • sync, including (push changes to the server and fetch back data)

PsychoPy 1.90

This is a very major refactor of many parts of the PsychoPy code. Treat very carefully for the first few bug-fix releases as there are likely to be errors some of which could be catastrophic to your data!!

This is the first attempt at support for Python 3, with maintained support for Python 2.7. Note that both are available as Standalone packages for Win and Mac. The Python3.6 version is labelled as Py3 in the download file.

Stick to Python 2.7 if you want your script to break less. If you upgrade to Python 3 then you’ll need to change any print statements to include brackets and you may also get some new errors springing up about unicode/bytes objects.

PsychoPy 1.90.3

Released July 2018


  • Fixes event code creation for Black Box ToolKit #1830

  • Removed redundant ‘apply’ button in preferences #1832

  • Fixes problem with setting gamma with pyglet v1.3+ #1834

  • Removes ‘unknown color space’ warning if user is using named colors #1836

  • Fixes refcount error, raised when monitor centre was closed #1838

  • For Py3, JSON calibration files are now loaded into monitor list #1839

  • Fixes layout problem with RTL locale causing broken dialogs in the app #1840

  • Anti-buzzing fix applied to sounddevice backend #1847

  • Implements checks for variable name clashes between builder and conditions file #1852

  • Reduced code redundancy for _getRegionOfFrame, and can get single pixels from front buffer #1854

  • Hex color space can now be specified as a window setting in Experiment Settings #1857

  • Sound duration can now be specified in conditions files #1858

PsychoPy 1.90.2

Released May 2018


PsychoPy 1.90.1

Released April 2018


  • Option to move Y position of RatingScale in code #1776

  • Added option of providing extra arguments to scipy.optimize functions when fitting from #1772


  • Problem with icon path in GLFW backend on linux commit:bbf515216

  • PUINT didn’t exist in older win32 package but was expected by pyglet

  • Better handling of conditions file with empty columns (from Excel adding them or from missing headers)

  • Several fixes to ioHub in Python3 #1770 #1771 and #1775

  • Mouse reporting incorrect position when using Mac Retina display commit:54ced9c26

  • sounddevice was failing to find portaudio.dylib on Mac

PsychoPy 1.90.0

Released March 2018


  • Standalone distributions for Python 3.6 as well as Python 2.7

  • Using pip install psychopy now installs all the necessary dependencies, making it much easier to install to your own Python installation

  • Noise stimuli for presenting filtered noise in vision studies (thanks Andrew Schofield)

  • Second order stimuli for contrast modulated gratings (thanks Andrew Schofield)

  • Builder: Mouse now allows stimuli to be “clickable” turning them in to buttons

  • Builder: ShapeStim now handles additional shapes, like Cross (also takes names for shapes rather than just n vertices)

  • Monitors calibration files can now be saved/loaded in JSON format


  • Image stimuli given an image of None (or blank in Builder) will now not display anything, whereas they previously showed a blank white (or colored) patch. To get that behaviour you can set the image to be color (in Builder) or “color” (in code).

PsychoPy 1.85

PsychoPy 1.85.6

A bug-fix release to solve a few machine-specific issues.

  • on some computers the data weren’t being saved if user pressed ‘Esc’ during experiment. commit:193ce541

  • fix for the “Unable to share contexts” error on machines that don’t support OpenGL shadow_window commit:a1c29d3a

  • pyo not always closing properly #1614

  • problem with non-ascii characters in conditions file name commit:32204a200

  • loading of preferences was failing if the audio backend wasn’t a valid option commit:c2d11477b

  • Builder demo images_blocks had wrong units for images #1601

  • no longer tell people to upgrade if their version is newer than the “latest” #1567

  • added support for newer PST box in ioHub (with 7 buttons not 5) commit:b9534a288

  • Monitor.linearizeLums() was raising an error due to a change in import name

  • stimuli not switching correctly to desired window in multi-window setups #1514

  • opencv movie backend had an error that ‘float’ object cannot be interpreted as an index #1510

  • cedrus box had error AttributeError: ‘ResponseDevice’ object has no attribute ‘status’ #1493

  • retina displays had some bad scaling. Now strongly recommend using retina=True commit:08163f78a

PsychoPy 1.85.4

Released: Sept 2017

There was an error building the 1.85.3 release. Rather than building a bug-fix-inly release, version 1.85.3 has accidentally included some substantial code refactoring intended for the 1.86.0 release.

This version, which we will call 1.85.4 is to replace that 1.85.3 release and provides the same fixes (but not the code refactoring) that was intended in 1.85.3

PsychoPy 1.85.3

Released: Aug 2017

This release fixes several bugs but it does also add 2 new dependencies:

  • json_tricks and future are bother required for this version

  • these are paving the way for updating Python3 (which will be enabled in 1.86.x series of releases)


  • Problem with text stimuli on Windows not rendering if large (was a bug in pyglet, fixed in 1.3.0b1)

  • Whitespace/indentation guides were not toggling on/off correctly in Coder commit:4ebbdb9c5

  • Added status property to labjack U3 in Builder scripts commit:b4d16d3d6

  • Fix to iohub.launchHubServer() under Linux commit:a9392f62e

  • Fix to config file for iViewX on ioHub commit:590fb20de

PsychoPy 1.85.2

Released: June 2017


  • several errors with PsychoJS outputs from Builder (mostly thanks to Jon Roberts at Colorado):

    • nReps and randomisation now being handled correctly by PsychoJS commit:ad9a931

    • “correct” responses were being overwritten by non-responses commit:f903210

    • Text components that were static caused a crash (were erroneously given two single-quotes) commit:b399a50

  • Staircase would finish prematurely if nReversals was None commit:7148cad

  • PsychoPy would crash if sound device contained a unicode character commit:c1ff68f

  • FrameBufferObject not working correctly for dual-window setups commit:5e1c045

  • removed some annoying junk messages about sounddevice commit:e5ae2fc

PsychoPy 1.85.1

Released: April 2017


  • several errors with PsychoJS outputs from Builder:
  • several problems with sound:
    • pyo not loading #1365

    • searching for ‘auto’ instead of ‘default’ device commit:d54d14fe

    • fixed duration calculation (bug in soundfile) for sounddevice commit:e0e01ad

  • textbox v textstim demo wasn’t working commit:b2913c124

  • error with colors when using TextStim with blendmode=’add’

  • errors in installer package:
    • windows installer could overwrite system path setting rather than append (NSIS short-string problem came back!)

    • freetype 32 bit dll is being provided again (was in matplotlib before but disappeared?)

PsychoPy 1.85.0

Released: Feb 2017

  • crash when increasing size of Flow in Builder #1272

  • bug in pysoundcard backend preventing file-based sounds playing #1299

  • excel outputs were failing to save on new versions of openpyxl #1276

  • useVersion() was not fetching new (uninstalled) versions correctly #1301

  • DotStim now has the option to reset the dots at the beginning of a trial commit:db6f53d50

  • better handling of blank cells in Excel conditions files (and xls files now supported)

  • Excel conditions files now import the “value” of a cell rather than the formula commit:7f753f5

  • pyserial and pyxid were incompatible versions

  • now packaging 1.2-maintenance branch of pyglet including Text memory fixes

PsychoPy 1.84

PsychoPy 1.84.2

Released: Sept 2016

  • Problem with renaming of Routines preventing experiment from re-loading #1248

  • Several bugs with Builder code generation since PEP8 refactoring:
    • Static Components gave error compiling script

    • some Keyboard Components (with variable “allowed keys” settings) gave error compiling script #1245

    • Mouse Component with “Save state at end of trial” gave indentation error #1253

    • Loops gave error compiling script if conditions file was a formatted string #1253

  • Standalone distributions were not including the correct pylink and pyxid packages

  • Keyfinder demo to Builder view #1252

  • Support for key modifiers using event.getKeys() #1242

PsychoPy 1.84.1

Released: Sept 2016

  • Builder Keyboard component was treating non-response as correct answer. #1230 Thanks Jarrod

  • MovieStim2 (opencv) now compatible with newer versions of opencv (v3.x) #1223

  • SSL certificates for OS X causing failure to connect to for projects

  • dependencies added/updated in Standalone packages:

    • pyHook, pygame, pylink 0.3.2, (win32)

    • pysoundcard (OS X)

  • hello_world demo crashing the app on load

  • Movie outputs in gif, mp4, mov formats automatically, using moviepy #1228

PsychoPy 1.84.0

Released: Aug 2016

  • Projects (new menu) which can sync files with Open Science Framework

  • Movies in Builder can now avoid loading audio (i.e. mute). As well as meaning your movie is genuinely silent this saves processing for the computer, so do it unless you need the sound!

  • menu item to create a .csv (data) file from a .psydat file; see Coder > Tools menu (also: Coder > Demo menu)

  • Builder experiments force a save before the end of the study so pressing the red stop button is less likely to lose data for you

  • You can now rename a Routine #1136

  • a Builder experiment setting to specify the version of PsychoPy to be used when running the experiment #1137


  • MAJOR REFACTOR: A lot of code has been refactored to be more in line with a thing called PEP8. If that doesn’t mean anything to you don’t worry, it shouldn’t affect you. If you like that sort of thing, sorry we didn’t got further and get rid of camelCase. ;-)

  • setting ShapeStim vertices dynamically now requires an explicit assignment of the new vertex list to shape.vertices; this can be slow for filled shapes with many vertices. See, selfx example.

  • Some file names and locations have changed. To update, replace OLD form in your scripts with NEW form:

    • OLD form –> NEW form

    • Deprecated since 2012, must now update: * from psychopy import calib –> from psychopy import monitors as calib (or just use monitors) * from psychopy import bits –> from import bits * from psychopy import log –> from psychopy import logging

    • Newly deprecated (the old way still works but logs a warning): * from psychopy import _shadersPyglet –> from psychopy.visual import shaders * from psychopy import gamma –> from psychopy.visual import gamma * from psychopy import filters –> from psychopy.visual import filters

    • API change (only affects people who write their own Builder components): * from import VisualComponent –> from import BaseVisualComponent

  • PyQt is now default over wx for dialog boxes (if either PyQt4 or PyQt5 are installed). Also fixed bug to support PyQt5

  • No Static Components are created by default (e.g. ISI). Have to add them manually

  • ShapeStim can properly fill arbitrary shapes (using tessellation); see new Coder demo for examples.

  • Coder view now has better support for Retina display on OSX. visual.Window also has a new option to use retina for rendering in the experiment (off by default)

  • better warnings about VLC being wrong architecture for this python install

  • Code Components now indicate which ones actually contain code. #1204

  • bug with Monitor center not creating/saving monitor due to lack of SizePix #1208

  • window viewScale and viewPos combine correctly; viewScale handles negative values, mirror-image flips the window correctly (except for Text)

  • Builder experiments will always add their extension (to stop people overwriting them with the python script of the same experiment)

  • faster writing of multiple lines (bits) to the LabJack

  • sampling rate when using binocular mode in eyelink 1000 #1146

  • Aperture now supports infinite durations in Builder #1122

  • ColorCal II now supports newer pyserial version #1138

  • Erroneous extra data column added if experiment was aborted #1115

  • Ubuntu buglet with importing iohub devices caused by outdated psutils #1172

PsychoPy 1.83

PsychoPy 1.83.04

Released: Feb 2016

  • FIXED: * Mac Standalone was (still) not launching on some versions of OSX * MovieStim3 not working on all graphics cards (glPopAttrib). Thanks Bryan Cort and Frank Papenmeier for their help * MovieStim3 bug with movies that had no audio stream * Data saving is forced at the end of Builder Experiments even if script fails to exit properly (red stop button less likely to lose data) * Setting gamma on OSX 10.11 wasn’t working (Apple moved the lib to a new location). #1089 * Option to turn off audio in Movies from Builder when not needed (better performance and fewer shutdown-probs)

PsychoPy 1.83.03

Released: Dec 2015 (NB 1.83.02 was never publicly released)

  • FIXED: * problems with the Mac Standalone failing to launch on some OSX versions * reduced impact of pyglet text memory leaks (make fewer updates). (NB There is still a leak in Pyglet’s code that we can’t fix) * several fixes to RatingScale * window viewScale and viewPos combine correctly; viewScale handles negative values, mirror-image flips the window correctly (except for Text) #1011 * fixed memory leak in sounds on 64bit Mac installation (error in pyo) * MovieStim3 was interacting badly with ShapeStim #981 * MovieStim3 was failing if no audio stream was present in the file #984 * PsychoPy app now gives a warning message if it can’t start due to permissions error #1055 * Faster rendering of MovieStim2 and Moviestim3 due to removal of mipmapping code

PsychoPy 1.83.01

Released: Oct 2015

  • FIXED: * new bug with pygame sounds giving fileName not defined * several RatingScale bugs; reduce the memory leak (due to pyglet as used in TextStim) *

  • ADDED: voice-key capability, e.g., for word-naming studies; includes a demo, auxiliary functions (smoothing, zero-crossing, etc), and file-format options (all those supported by pyo)

  • CHANGED: remove support for google’s speech to text (the new google API is for chrome / chromium developers only)

  • CHANGED: deprecate psychopy.web.upload(); use the requests package instead:

PsychoPy 1.83.00

Released: Oct 2015

  • ADDED: MovieStim3 using an alternative backend that doesn’t require avbin, vlc or streamer. It just uses a couple of python libs and FFMPEG, which are relatively easy to package. Seems to have good performance too but this needs more testing

  • IMPROVED: speed to load psychopy.visual (“lazy loading” only the stimuli you use are loaded)

  • ADDED: RatingScale precision=60 allows display of time-based values (min:sec or hours:min). Values from .getRating() are decimal proportions (1 min: 59 seconds -> 1.9833 minutes).

  • ADDED: Coder view can now be set to read-only mode to prevent subjects accidentally altering study #945

  • ADDED: TextStim now has property boundingBox telling you the maximum area of the letters (defined by the font, not by the actual rendered letters) commit:35c168f1

  • ADDED: Aperture can now be created using images (anything that worked with ImageStim) #923 and can also be inverted so that opaque becomes transparent and vice versa #922 Thanks Thomas Emerling for both

  • ADDED: New visual stimulus EnvelopeGrating for contrast-modulated gratings. Thanks Andrew Schofield

  • ADDED: option to set mouse_exclusive mode (mouse locked to the window boundary and invisible) Thanks Suddha Sourav #898

  • FIXED: DotStim can now change field size on the fly

  • FIXED: several (but probably not all) annoying error messages that were unimportant

  • FIXED: Condition file in Builder no longer abbreviated. Thanks Mike #913

PsychoPy 1.82

PsychoPy 1.82.02

Released: Aug 2015

  • FIXED: TrialHandler wasn’t saving extraInfo (was overwritten during trials) #815

  • FIXED: don’t have pickle file re-saving itself when it comes back from pickling #833

  • FIXED: Mouse Component could crash data saving if no response was made #839

  • FIXED: memory leaks in MovieStim2 (opencv backend) #838 and #919

  • FIXED: checked that window positions are integers #854

  • FIXED: OSX “10.10” incorrectly looked older than “10.9” #866

  • FIXED: RatingScale would show “False” for scale description in some cases #870

  • FIXED: problem with microphone saving files that end with w, a or v #875

  • FIXED: MonitorCenter failing to create new monitor #887

  • FIXED: universal line endings in csv outputs files #889

  • FIXED: unicode in conditions files #892

  • FIXED: iohub not detecting Linux mouse events #894

  • FIXED: if output file is set to be stdout this should then be closed #902

  • FIXED: don’t abbreviate the path name of conditions files #913

  • FIXED: minor error in logging for rush() under win32 #914

  • FIXED: unicode issues in user preferences panel #930 #932

  • FIXED: MonitorCenter won’t lock you out if given an invalid screen number #937

  • FIXED: mono++ mode in CRS Bits++/#/Display++ is now using full dynamic range (previously 8bit blue gun overlay was overriding the 16bit screen buffer)

PsychoPy 1.82.01

Released: Feb 2015

PsychoPy 1.82.01

Released: Feb 2015

  • FIXED: problem with MovieStim2 showing black box instead of movie on certain systems

  • FIXED: problem with Tobii eye tracker not closing calibration window (Sol)

  • FIXED: better timing for non-slip routines that follow dynamic routines (Jeremy) #822

  • FIXED: problem with stimuli (e.g. shapes) not appearing if a texture had just been created and not yet drawn

  • FIXED: pygame sound engine complained about “global variable loops not defined”

  • ENHANCED: Filename collision handling for ExperimentHandler (Richard Höchenberger)

  • CHANGED: for text data outputs that give delim=’t’ the file extension ‘.tsv’ is added instead of ‘.dlm’ (Richard Höchenberger)

PsychoPy 1.82.00

Released: Jan 2015

  • ENHANCED: slightly faster rendering of movies for high-rate HD stimuli

  • CHANGED: ‘pandas’ is now a strict requirement for the ‘’ module

  • FIXED: Builder sounds from file no longer loop indefinitely

  • FIXED: Builder: microphone recordings are explicitly stopped at the end of every trial

  • FIXED: Static Components could become hidden by having unknown durations and then couldn’t be changed. Now they are always shown even when times are unknown (Jeremy)

  • ADDED: improved support for Cambridge Research Systems Display++ and Bits# devices:

    • Color++ and Mono++ modes now supported using shaders

    • fixed some bugs with search for identityLUT in Display++

  • ADDED: Psi adaptive staircase method (thanks Joseph Glavan for writing this)

  • ADDED: bidi and xlwt packages to the Standalone distribution

  • ADDED: support for Mouse.setPos() under pyglet back end (Jeremy)

  • ADDED: support for PST response box (Richard Höchenberger)

  • FIXED: extraInfo was not being saved in wide-text format

  • FIXED: Builder was not respecting order for drawing polygon - it was always drawn first

  • ADDED: Builder now supports ‘degFlat and ‘degFlatPos’ units and documentation has been added for these

PsychoPy 1.81

PsychoPy 1.81.03

Released: Dec 2014

  • ADDED: Sounds in Builder can now have a duration set by a variable (changing each repeat). The work on this may cause some systems to have a periodic ‘tick’ in the sound if they last longer than 10s (probably dependent on sound card and driver)

  • IMPROVED: RatingScale will always display a custom description (‘scale’) if provided by the user

  • ADDED: Monitor Center can now calibrate non-primary monitors

  • FIXED: components in Builder can now be ‘stopped’ at the same time as they are started and never show up (previously at least one frame was always required)

  • FIXED: several issues with Bits++ causing a rendering glitch and not being able to calibrate from Monitor Centre

  • FIXED: choice selection boxes stopped working in monitor centre (caused by importing

  • FIXED: Bits# can be set to do gamma correction in the PsychoPy LUT (‘software’) rather than using the on-board gamma table file (‘hardware’)

  • FIXED: bug with monitor calib files not returning their linearization method correctly

  • ADDED: psychopy.qtgui as alternative to gui which doesn’t duffer from problem with choice boxes and pyglet clashing (thanks Sol)

  • FIXED: data files now correctly include the originPath (the path to the script that created them). Thanks Alex Holcombe for the fix

PsychoPy 1.81.02

Released: Oct 2014

  • FIXED: bug with gamma not being set from the Monitor file

  • FIXED: MovieStim2 warnings about dropped frames were crippling the output window

  • FIXED: new issue (in 1.81.01) with several drop-down menus in Builder not allowing to select that option

PsychoPy 1.81.01

Released: Oct 2014

  • FIXED: bug with rendering of Movies from Builder (autoDraw() not working)

  • ADDED: option to use new movie backend from Builder (there is now an option to select opencv or avbin for movie rendering)

  • FIXED: if MovieStim2 couldn’t load frames fast enough it ran slow (should drop frames but stay synchronised). (Sol)

  • FIXED: fix spurious warnings about GratingStim.__del__

  • FIXED: pyo audio crashed on windows if no mic/input was found (Sogo Hiroyuki)

  • ADDED: serial port device in iohub (Sol)

PsychoPy 1.81.00

Released: Sept 2014

  • IMPROVED: cross-version compatibility:

    • In Builder experiments from ‘future’ versions can be opened and unknown objects will be ignored (but kept)

    • In Code you can now do import psychopy; psychopy.useVersion(‘X.XX.XX’) to switch to any version greater than 1.76.00 (including versions not installed and future versions). This only affects the lib, not the application. (Thanks Erik Kastman for most of the work on this)

  • IMPROVED: better unit tests for visual stimuli to prevent future bugs

  • CHANGED: MovieStim was right-left flipping movies and this has been corrected. If you had been working around that by setting flipVertical=True then you’ll need to undo that correction

  • IMPROVED: Can now select a subset of conditions in Builder loops and in data.importConditions() function (thanks Mike MacAskill for help)

  • IMPROVED: In Builder, loops that don’t reflect trials (e.g. stimuli within a trial or blocks of trials) can be flagged as such, resulting in neater data files

  • ADDED: support for additional hardware:

    • basic support for interacting with BlackBoxToolkit v2 psychopy.hardware.bbtk

    • CHANGED: added basic support for CRS Bits# in New way to interface with Bits++ as well, using a class rather than a Window argument. See demo in demos>hardware

    • labjack digital outputs can be used as a Parallel Port Component in Builder

    • the screen rendering can now include a warping step to simulate spherical, cylindrical or custom warping (Jay Borseth)

    • the screen now supports ‘frame packing’ whereby sequential frames can be packed into one, as the red, green and blue channels for monochrome high-rate projectors (Jay Borseth)

    • ioHub eye tracker interface for GazePoint GP3 (Martin Guest)

    • ioHub Serial device:

      • Support for simple fixed width or marker delimited serial rx stream -> device event parsing.

      • Demo created showing usage with PST Response box added (Richard Höchenberger)

    • ioHub ioSync device:

      • Use Teensy 3.0 / 3.1 MCU. Connect via USB 2.0.

      • 8 / 8 digital inputs / outputs

      • 8 analog inputs (~12 - 13 bit effective resolution)

      • 1000 Hz sampling rate for analog and digital inputs.

      • Keyboard Host support (useful for testing keyboard delay variability from software alone)

  • IMPROVED packaging:

    • can now install on OSX using miniconda/anaconda distribution (Erik Kastman)

    • pyopencv (cv2) added to Standalone as an alternative to avbin

    • PySoundCard and PySoundFile added to Standalone

    • psutil added to Standalone

    • application is now compatible with wxPython 2.8, 2.9 and 3.0

  • ADDED: MovieStim2 stimulus type. Compared to MovieStim, improved performance and wider range of media encoding support has been reported from testing feedback on all OS’s.

  • IMPROVED: stimulus attributes:

    • Nearly all stimulus attributes now support new syntax, e.g. stim.pos = [0,0] as well as the previous stim.setPos([0,0]). All docs are update to reflect this change.

    • All numeric stimulus attributes now support operations. Use e.g. stim.pos += [0,0.5]. Read more in Operations.

    • Many more stimulus attributes can now be set after initialization. They have the same name as the init parameters. E.g. = mySecondWindow changes which Window the stimulus is drawn to

  • IMPROVED: logging

    • CHANGED: ‘log=None’ and ‘autoLog=None’ inherits from parents, with ‘visual.Window’ at the top of the hierarchy. None is now default for all stimuli and setter methods.

    • FIXED: removed unnecessary (e.g. duplicate) logging.

    • IMPROVED: unnamed stimuli are now given a default name in the logs for easier identification, e.g. “unnamed ShapeStim”.

  • IMPROVED: you can now specify the standard deviation (default=3) for gaussian mask in various stimuli by setting e.g. maskParams={‘sd’:5} during init or after init.

  • ADDED: language localization (Builder and Coder)

    • Can now display the app menus, tooltips, and so on in a language other than US English (selectable via prefs -> app -> locale)

    • Almost all displayed text can be translated (Jeremy Gray, Hiroyuki Sogo)

    • A Japanese translation is available (Hiroyuki Sogo)

    • Other translations will be easy to add; see online developer notes on using Poedit

  • IMPROVED: psychopy.ioHub

    • CHANGED: Keyboard device and events are more user-friendly. Note: This release is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of the ioHub Keyboard device or event data file. Please see documentation for details.

    • Backend integration between iohub and psychopy continues to improve.

    • ioHub can now be used in OS X 10.9 with PsychoPy Coder. NOTE: Must add Coder app to accessibility list.

    • Several bug fixes.

  • FIXED: several other minor bugs (that would have given exceptions if encountered). Thanks particularly to Philip Wiesemann for finding several of these

  • FIXED: machines that didn’t support shaders or framebuffer objects were raising an error on win.flip() if the useFBO argument was not manually set to False. Machines that don’t support the new rendering methods are now handled more gracefully

PsychoPy 1.80

PsychoPy 1.80.08

Released: Aug 2014

FIXED: bug with using numpy arrays as masks; they were being interpreted as floats but should have been bytes

PsychoPy 1.80.07

Released: Aug 2014

FIXED: bug with timing of keys when using the timestamped argument

PsychoPy 1.80.06

Released: June 2014

  • FIXED: problem with using the framebuffer object (nothing was rendered at all)

  • ENH: added support for using a stencil when the framebuffer object is turned on

PsychoPy 1.80.05

Released: June 2014

  • IMPROVED: better unit tests for visual stimuli to prevent further regressions of the issues below

  • FIXED: machines that didn’t support shaders or framebuffer objects were raising an error on win.flip() if the useFBO argument was not manually set to False. Machines that don’t support the new rendering methods are now handled more gracefully.

  • FIXED: further fixes to greyscale coloring (some images were not correctly detected as greyscale by PIL so tests weren’t working)

  • FIXED: machines that didn’t support shaders or framebuffer objects were raising an error on win.flip() if the useFBO argument was not manually set to False. Machines that don’t support the new rendering methods are now handled more gracefully

  • FIXED: named colors were not interpreted correctly by the visual.Window (but worked fine for stimuli)

  • FIXED: the error message about TextBox/FontManager not working doesn’t show up any more

  • FIXED: reinstated the requirement that wx is version 2.8.x only until we get time to check 3.0 compatibility more deeply

PsychoPy 1.80.04

Released: April 2014

  • FIXED: buglets in logging. Logging wasn’t encoding unicode correctly for console targets (but file targets were OK) and some duplicate messages were occurring for stimulus autologs

  • FIXED: buglet with GratingStim/PatchStim when texture was not a square power of two (was crashing due to incorrect global variable)

  • FIXED: ElementArrayStim was not updating its position using .setFieldPos()

PsychoPy 1.80.03

Released: April 2014

  • FIXED: Shader code was ignoring opacity setting for ImageStim

  • FIXED: Mouse clock was not the same as PsychoPy’s general events clock (so out of sync) (Sol & Jeremy)

PsychoPy 1.80.02

Released: April 2014

  • FIXED: ImageStim did not use its mask on some machines (nVidia and ATI?) or did not render at all on others (intel graphics?)

  • CHANGED: Sound object now checks if the sound is a note name before checking for file names (only affects cases where the file name was something like A.wav)

  • ADDED: Aperture now supports contains() and overlaps() methods

  • ADDED: Image/Grating masks can now also be ‘cross’ (Suddha Sourav)

  • FIXED: Unicode problem for microphone on non-English installs of win32

  • FIXED: StairHandler first reversal now changes step size correctly and added option not to use the initial 1-up,1-down regime (Jon maintains that you should though!) (thanks Nathanael Larigaldie)

  • FIXED: emulator LaunchScan uses new RatingScale syntax

PsychoPy 1.80.01

Released: Mar 2014

  • FIXED: buglet with movie glPopAttrib() on Intel gfx cards (thanks Bryan Cort)

  • FIXED: problem trying to use FrameBufferObject (FBO) on Intel GMA graphics cards

  • FIXED: problem with ImageStim not respecting setColor() and setContrast()

  • FIXED: some stimuli were failing to switch to a second window when requested

  • FIXED: some rendering glitches with ShapeStim caused by interpolation settings (thanks to Soyogu Matsushita for finding this fix)

  • FIXED: automated import of gamma for known monitors, which was failing on some monitor calibration files

  • FIXED: a single-line conditions file is now imported correctly by Builder (Jeremy Gray)

  • IMPROVED: a Routine not included in a loop now saves its data to a default ‘loop’ (Jeremy Gray)

  • IMPROVED: Coder checks for consistency of end-of-line options (thanks Wilbert van Ham)

PsychoPy 1.80.00

Released: Mar 2014

  • Improvements to user interface:

    • the glitch that prevented scrolling the Routine view is gone (win32)

    • dialog boxes in the Builder now have tabs for categories of controls

    • Code Components have much more space for each piece of code (again due to tabs)

  • ADDED: In Builder you can now customise the data filename/path in the Experiment Settings. Any variables in the expInfo dialog box can be used to create this path. See dataFileName for further info

  • ADDED: support for advanced rendering modes. Can now ‘add’ rather than average when using transparency. This is better for visual compound stimuli like plaids, and essential for colored anaglyph stimuli where the resulting image needs to be the sum of the left and right eye images.

  • ADDED: new visual unit options: ‘degFlatPos’ and ‘degFlat’ provide more accurate conversions from degrees to pixels for drawing stimuli (although they’re more accurate, accounting for the flat screen, they may look strange because 1 degree gets larger with greater eccentricity on a flat screen). The previous unit ‘deg’ still exists and remains default as, for many studies, these are expected

  • ADDED: wider support for the functions contains and overlaps. Most stimuli now have these methods. Also they can now be used irrespective of whether the stimulus and other object have the same units (they used only to work for units of pix)

  • ADDED: support for other shapes in the Aperture stimulus (and its Builder Component). You can either specify the number of vertices nVert and a size to get a regular polygon aperture, or you can provide a set of arbitrary vertices as your shape argument

  • CHANGED: Size of ‘square’ or ‘triangle’ apertures used to represent the radius of the circle on which their vertices lay. It is now a height/width as you would more likely expect. This means aperture code in scripts may need rewriting to be smaller.

  • IMPROVED: stimulus duration is now more precise when using duration (s) or time (s) although using nFrames option is still advised for brief stimuli

  • IMPROVED: there are now fewer irrelevant lines in the log file as stimuli are initially created

  • IMPROVED: Staircase loops in Builder now initialise just before the staircase is run, rather than at the start of the experiment. This means they can be controlled by an outer loop and, effectively, restarted

  • FIXED: ElementArrayStim can take Nx3 or 1x3 values for colors again

  • FIXED: variable names in Builder are now case-sensitive again (they were being forced to lower case when importing csv files)

  • FIXED: incorrect equation for the Cumulative Normal fitting function

  • FIXED: If your variable had a new line character in it this was causing a new line to be started in the csv data file. These are now handled correctly

  • ADDED: RatingScale markerStart position can be arbitrary, e.g., can start between items or beyond the end of scale

  • ADDED: RatingScale tickHeight can be used to control the height of tickMarks, including no tick marks (tickHeight=0)

  • ADDED: RatingScale marker=’hover’ is similar to HTML-style hovering over clickable elements

psychopy.visual.RatingScale Changes :

  • CHANGED: Builder: remove option: choiceLabelsAboveLine; change lowAnchorText, highAnchorText -> labels

  • CHANGED: skipping a rating now adds None as the final element in the history

  • CHANGED: the default minTime is shorter, now 0.4s

  • CHANGED: more info in the log when creating a rating scale object

  • CHANGED: removed showAnchors: now use labels=None (instead of showAnchors=False)

  • CHANGED: removed lowAnchorText & highAnchorText: now use labels=[‘leftAnchor’, ‘rightAnchor’] or with optional 3rd midpoint label

  • CHANGED: renamed several parameters: stretchHoriz -> stretch, textSizeFactor -> textSize, ticksAboveLine -> tickHeight, displaySizeFactor -> size, markerStyle -> marker, customMarker -> marker

  • CHANGED: removed showScale: now use scale=None (instead of showScale=False)

  • CHANGED: removed allowSkip: now use skipKeys=None (instead of allowSkip=False)

  • CHANGED: removed escapeKeys; no longer supported but it’s easy to implement (as now done in the coder demo)

PsychoPy 1.79

PsychoPy 1.79.01

Released: Dec 2013

  • FIXED: startup crash in 1.79.00

  • FIXED: long-standing memory leak in MovieStim

  • FIXED: fixed problem with MovieStim not displaying the image but playing the audio

  • ADDED: volume attribute to MovieStim (Frank Papenmeier)

  • FIXED: experiments were crashing if first line of a conditions file contained a float but the rest were integers

  • FIXED: QuestHandler.addResponse() should not try to replace existing intensity on first trial (Richard Höchenberger)

  • FIXED: Window’s viewPos and viewScale attributes could not be changed

  • FIXED: Builder code generation for Cedrus Box when user provided a limited set of available buttons

  • FIXED: multiple issues causing fatal errors when setting stimulus parameters (Pieter Moors and Damien Mannion)

  • FIXED: Builder experiments would crash under certain conditions when there was no ‘participant’ in the info dialog box (Philipp Wiesemann)

  • FIXED: bug toggling readme file window in Builder (Philipp Wiesemann)

  • FIXED: further fix to the Coder raising excessive ‘this file has changed’ warnings

  • FIXED: Component names now update on the Routine panel after being changed in a dialog (Philipp Wiesemann)

  • FIXED: bug importing conditions if the first row of numbers was the only float. (importFromConditions now uses numpy instead of matplotlib)

  • FIXED: further fix to the extra “file close” queries during shut-down

PsychoPy 1.79.00

Released: Dec 2013

  • ADDED: attributes for some stimuli can now be updated using e.g. stim.pos = newPos rather than using stim.setPos(newPos) to make things more like standard Python (thanks Jonas Lindeløv). This version also involved some major restructuring behind the scenes that should not be visible to users (thanks Todd Jennings)

  • ADDED: Builder Components for
    • ioLab Systems button-box; refactor PsychoPy’s ioLabs code (Jeremy)

    • Cedrus button-box (tested on RB730)

    • parallel port output component

  • ADDED: option for sounds to loop

  • ADDED: volume argument for MovieStim so that sound can be muted (Frank Papenmeier)

  • ADDED: window now prevents system from sleep/screensaver on windows and OS X

  • ADDED: builder demo for mental rotation task

  • ADDED: Alternative Text stimulus, psychopy.visual.TextBox (Sol Simpson)
    • Two demos in psychopy.coder.visual.textbox

    • Requires: freetype lib (included in Standalone)

    • Advantages: Very fast update following text change; very precise character placement.

    • Disadvantages: Supports monospace fonts only.

    • IMPORTANT: TextBox is still being finalized and completed; expect to find (and please report) issues. API changes guaranteed.

  • FIXED: misaligned responses in csv output for QuestHandler (Zhili Zheng)

  • FIXED: bug when using ElementArrayStim with numpy 1.7.1. Most elements were receiving SF=0

  • FIXED: ‘semi-automatic’ calibration (thanks Flip Phillips)

  • FIXED: shut-down issues. Builder now remembers its last experiment and you don’t get multiple messages about the scripts that have changed

  • FIXED: bugs with MultiStairHandler that were making it unusable (in code and Builder)

  • FIXED: lists of key presses can now be considered correct (Ian Hussey)

  • FIXED: certain further cases of bitmap images appearing desaturated

  • FIXED: mono sounds now duplicate to both channels correctly

  • changes to Standalone packages (require fetching the installer):
    • pyFileSec for uploading files to server using encryption (this is Jeremy’s module)

    • pandas on win32 is now v1.3 (was already this version on OS X)

    • pyxid now includes Jared’s upstream bug-fix

  • FIXED: many user interface tweaks, documentation and help string corrections (Philip Wiesemann)

  • FIXED: PsychoPy Coder view now closes the iohub process when the experiment script is terminated using ‘Stop’. (Sol Simpson)

  • FIXED: Builder use of single staircase loops now respects the min/max values

  • CHANGED: data curve fitting functions are now using scipy.optimise.curve_fit and should hopefully be more robust to local minima(?)

psychopy.iohub Changes :

  • ADDED: Initial release of the new Touch device:
    • currently supporting Elo brand Touch Screens.

    • any Elo model supporting the SmartSet protocol should work (Elo 2700 model used for testing to date)

    • Touch Events (TouchPress, TouchRelease, TouchMovement) are provided in a separate event stream

    • Touch and Mouse device events are independent of each other, so both devices can be used in parallel without interference

    • Touch screen calibration routine provided; calibration state can be saved to device hardware for persistence

    • See the demos.coder.iohub_extended Touch script for example of calibration graphics front end.

  • ADDED: Keyboard and Mouse events can be restricted to those events targeted at a PsychoPy Window. Currently supported on Windows and Linux only.

  • NEW: PsychoPy TrialHandler can now be used to feed experiment condition variables to the ioDataStore.

  • NEW: Device configuration file can now be specified to the launchHubServer() function when starting the ioHub Process.

  • NEW: Simple examples of how to use iohub within a Builder project using a Custom Code Component.

  • FIXED: Analog Input Event delay calculation error that was causing incorrect time correction to be applied to this event type.

  • NEW: LabJack AnalogInput interface now handles dropped samples and sampling rates that cause multichannel samples to be split between USB packets.

  • FIXED: Gaze position calculation fix for the SMI eye tracker interface during binocular tracking.

  • NEW: Enhanced Tobii eye tracker setup and calibration graphics:
    • Head position within the 3D eye tracking head box can be visualized before and after calibration

    • Animated fixation target support added during calibration routine

  • ADDED: Following EXPERIMENTAL stage implementation (Use at Own Risk):
    • ioDataStore -> Pandas Data Frame based post processing API:
      • Creates a set of Pandas Data Frames for device events, experiment messages, and experiment condition variables.

      • Filter, Group, Join data using the Pandas API.

      • Access event information with associated condition variable states.

      • Define Interest Periods (IP):
        • filter event temporally based on start and end time criteria.

        • define an IP’s start and end time criteria using experiment message events, or experiment condition variable columns.

        • re-occurring IP’s supported.

        • overlapping IP’s supported.

      • Define Regions of Interest (ROI),
        • filter Mouse, Eye Tracker, and Touch device events based on screen location.

        • circle, ellipse, rectangle, and general polygon ROI shapes supported. (ROI functionality is dependent on the shapely python package)

      • IMPORTANT: The ioDataStore->DataFrame API is still being designed and developed. Expect to find issues. API changes guaranteed.

PsychoPy 1.78

PsychoPy 1.78.01

Released: Aug 2013

  • FIXED: Image Components were showing up a pastel versions when no actual image was provided

  • FIXED: MultiStairHandler wasn’t working on Builder, and had insufficient data outputs when using wide-text csv files

  • FIXED: loops couldn’t be deleted from the Flow if their conditions file couldn’t be found (e.g. had been moved)

  • FIXED: setting of color values was not honouring the autolog setting (was always logging)

  • FIXED: gui choice boxes now handle unicode in their options as well as ASCII strings (thanks Anne Peschel)

  • FIXED: Scaling bug for SMI eye-tracker in binocular mode (thanks Sol)

  • FIXED: Builder Code Components that were showing up in unreadable, single-line boxes

  • IMPROVED: All Builder Dialogs now appear close to the top of the screen (so they don’t shoot off the bottom in most screens)

PsychoPy 1.78.00

Released: Aug 2013

  • ADDED: option to preload during Builder scripts using Static Component, which uses StaticPeriod class

  • ADDED: Polygon Component to Builder for drawing regular polygons (including simple lines)

  • ADDED: TrialHander can now fetch previous trials as well as future ones (thanks Mike MacAskill)

  • ADDED: BufferImageStim accepts mask and pos params (thanks Jeremy)

  • ADDED: generated Sounds (not sound files) now use a Hamming window to get rid of sharp onset/offset noises (thanks Jeremy)

  • ADDED: microphone component able to play & identify a marker tone (for vocal RT), compute loudness, compression (Jeremy)

  • ADDED: sound files: lossless compress / uncompress (requires flac executable installed separately) (Jeremy)

  • ADDED: microphone compress() audio recordings; requires flac download (not packaged with PsychoPy)

  • ADDED: new preference flac = system path for flac, e.g. c:/Program Files (x86)/FLAC/flac.exe (not always needed)

  • FIXED: greyscale images were being distorted during display since 1.77.00

  • FIXED: reduced number of queries when closing down and provides filenames of changed files in msg (thanks Piot Iwaniuk)

  • FIXED: movieStim.contains() and .overlaps() can work, requires that the visual.Window has units of pix

PsychoPy 1.77

PsychoPy 1.77.02

Released: July 2013

  • FIXED: problem with Builder Images appearing grey unless they were ‘constant’. This is a bug that was introduced in 1.77.00 with the faster loading of images.

  • FIXED: having a monitors folder with a unicode character in the path doesn’t break the app (thanks Sebastiaan Mathot)

PsychoPy 1.77.01

Released: June 2013

  • Standalone package changes:
    • pytables downgraded to 2.3.5 on Win32 (to be compatible with WinXP)

    • pyo upgraded to 0.6.6 on OSX and Win32

  • FIXED: The recent files list in Builder now contains recent files! (Thanks Piotr Iwaniuk)

  • FIXED: Timing issue with LC Tech eye-tracker in iohub

PsychoPy 1.77.00

Released: June 2013

  • ADDED: preview of Sol Simpson’s ioHub for faster (asynchronous) polling of hardware including mouse, keyboard, eyetrackers and other devices. See iohub demos for example usage. This provides many advantages over previous event polling:
    • asynchronous process allows constant polling (not tied to refresh rates) in a way that won’t impact the rendering of your stimuli. It even runs on a separate CPU core if possible.

    • provides up/down/duration for key presses

    • provides unicode character (rather than simply key name for keyboard)

    • provides a unified API for eyetracker classes

    • provides async access to the parallel port

    • provides an alternative data output format (using hdf5) particularly useful for high-output streaming data (e.g. eye-trackers)

  • DEPRECATED: opensslwrap will soon be replaced by pyFileSec, a much-improved version of the same package (= file-oriented encryption)

  • IMPROVED: substantially (~40%) faster loading of RGB images from disk (by using byte format rather than float). May also allow storing of more images on graphics card than previously

  • ADDED: AdvancedMicrophone class to add and retrieve a high-frequency tone to indicate the start of recording (e.g., to allow accurate vocal RT estimation), with demo (Jeremy Gray)

  • REFACTORED: parallel port support. Support for Windows via inpout32/inpout64 and Linux via pyparallel added. Existing API maintained for single port usage, but new PParallel classes added to provide more flexibility when dealing with multiple ports. see parallel (Thanks Mark Hymers)

  • ADDED: MovieStim now updates its status attribute to FINISHED, in line with other stimuli

  • CHANGED: microphone default file names include milliseconds (to avoid two files with the same name)

  • ADDED: color-word speech-recognition demo (coder > input >

  • ADDED: in Builder components dialog boxes, text that will be interpreted as code is displayed in monospace font

  • ADDED: remove and warn about trailing whitespace in Builder component values (but not Text fields)

  • ADDED: support for pyglet version 1.2 alpha (but 1.1.4 is still recommended - it appears to render faster)

  • ADDED: more sound.SoundPyo methods (get & set duration, volume, looping)

  • FIXED: event.Mouse() can obtain a default visual.Window(), if one has already been created

  • ADDED: Builder components generate a compile-time warning if a field’s value looks dynamic but its updating is constant (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED: better simulated scanner-noise in launchScan (just for fun)

  • ADDED: RatingScale.getHistory() returns intermediate time-stamped ratings; allows “continuous” ratings

  • CHANGED: RatingScale.getRating() no longer returns False prior to an accepted rating (now returns the currently selected value)

PsychoPy 1.76

PsychoPy 1.76.00

The compatibility changes in this release below are likely to affect very few users.

  • ADDED: Window.callOnFlip() function to allow arbitrary functions to be called, timed precisely to the point where the frame flip has occurred (see Coder Demos>Timing>callOnFlip)

  • FIXED: a scaling bug in RatingScale descriptions (Giuseppe Pagnoni)

  • ADDED: support for mirror-image text, and mirror-image BufferImageStim (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED: support for lower latency sound with the pyo library. For now pygame remains the default but this can be changed by setting the order in preferences>general>audio

  • CHANGED: PsychoPy Standalone is now being built using python 2.7.3 (rather than 2.6). Under OSX psignifit has been removed from this distribution, as have the libraries to create .mov files using Window.saveMovieFrames(). If you need those features then install the 1.75 Standalone and then update to 1.76 using the auto-update system.

  • ADDED: sound objects (either pygame or pyo) now support autologging

  • FIXED: a bug in the generation of the LMS color space conversion matrix. It seems nobody was actually using this for real, but if you were contact Jon for details!

  • CHANGED: various changes to RatingScale (thanks Henrik Singman):
    • CHANGED: choices are now displayed at the tick marks by default (instead of above the line). To restore the old behavior set labels=False. This does not affect experiments created in older versions of the builder.

    • ADDED: check box “choiceLabelsAboveLines” to the RatingScale component of the builder (advanced tab) to still have the choice labels above the line.

    • ADDED: arguments tickMarks and labels to RatingScale class to control where tick marks (for quantitative rating scales) should be placed at the line and how these should be labeled.

    • ADDED: argument ticksAboveLine to RatingScale class. Controls where the tick marks should be plotted (above or below the line).

  • FIXED: problem with unset (was causing wx.Dialog error “TypeError: String or Unicode type required” on new experiments)

  • CHANGED: is no longer available from Builder scripts (can use exp.getExpName() instead)

  • FIXED: problem with tiling of depth values for ElementArrayStim (thanks Yuri Spitsyn)

  • FIXED: Fix to setContrast for certain visual stimuli (Jonas Lindeløv)

  • FIXED: inability to launch scripts/experiments if the Mac Standalone was in a folder with a space in it

  • FIXED: Aperture Component now honours the ‘units’ (Hiroyuki Sogo)

  • FIXED: stimulus contains/overlaps functions now use stimulus ‘units’ and take stimulus orientation into account (Hiroyuki Sogo) NB if you had code in place to perform these corrections yourself you should now remove it!

  • FIXED: some data outputs were not honouring the ‘matrixOnly’ option (Mike MacAskill)

  • FIXED: when loading a psydat file of an ExperimentHandler the file automatically saved new copies of its csv/excel outputs. This no longer occurs (if loaded using misc.fromFile)

  • ADDED: timestamp option to event.waitKeys() (Jonas Lindeløv)

  • ADDED: a first-run wizard to check the system, report as html (somewhat experimental) (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED: a benchmark wizard (Tools menu) to test hardware & software, option to share on (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED: info.getRAM() (Jeremy Gray)

PsychoPy 1.75.01

  • FIXED: Bug with not being able to play sounds of blank (infinite) duration from Builder

PsychoPy 1.75.00

  • CHANGED: New Builder experiments will, by default, save a single csv file, a single psydat file and a single log file. Was previously also saving an Excel file (with one sheet per loop) and many psydat files (one per loop). Psydat files can still be used to re-output any format of data file.

  • IMPROVED: Experiment info dialog box easier to control now from experiment settings (user doesn’t need to write a dictionary by hand any more)

  • IMPROVED: Components in the Builder are now arranged in categories, including a special ‘Favorites’ category

  • IMPROVED: Code Components now support full syntax highlighting and code folding (but still aren’t quite big enough!)

  • ADDED: Builder undo/redo now gives info about what is going to be un/redone

  • ADDED: Window now supports a stereo flag to provide support for quad-buffers (advanced graphics cards only)

  • FIXED: bug with copying/pasting Routines that was breaking Flow in certain situations and corrupting the experiment file

  • FIXED: fatal typo in QuestHandler code (Gary Lupyan)

  • FIXED: data outputs for multiple key/mouse presses

  • ADDED: Microphone now supports stop to abort recording early (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED: beginning of error reporting when generating Builder experiments (thanks Piotr Iwaniuk)

  • FIXED: csv files now generated from Builder as expected not dlm files (tab-delimited)

PsychoPy 1.74

PsychoPy 1.74.04

  • IMPROVED: larger Code Component boxes (and fixed bug with being only one line on linux)

  • FIXED: Builder code syntax error when using Mouse set state ‘every frame’

  • FIXED: Builder was erroneously using ‘estimated duration’ for constraining non-slip timing

  • FIXED: Builder couldn’t open Experiment Settings if the expected screen number didn’t exist on this system

PsychoPy 1.74.03

(Released: Aug 2012)

  • FIXED: the multiline text entry box in the Builder Text Component was broken (thanks Piotr Iwaniuk)

  • IMPROVED: serial (RS232) interface to fORP button box to avoid recording repeated presses (thanks Nate Vack). Does not affect use of fORP box from USB interface.

PsychoPy 1.74.02

(Released: Aug 2012)

  • FIXED: bug leading to message: IndexError: string index out of range. This was caused by problem saving excel files

  • FIXED: bug leading to message: AttributeError: ImageStim instance has no attribute ‘rgbPedestal’. Was only occurring on non-shaders machines using the new ImageStim.

  • FIXED: problem loading old ExperimentHandlers that contained MultiStairHandlers

  • FIXED: Builder Text Components gave an error if letter height was a variable

  • ADDED: Window.flip() now returns the timestamp for the flip if possible (thanks Sol Simpson)

  • ADDED: misc.sph2cart (Becky Sharman)

  • ADDED: warning when user presents SimpleImageStim that seems to extend beyond screen (James McMurray)

PsychoPy 1.74.01

(Released: July 2012)

  • FIXED: the pyo package is now included in the windows Standalone distribution (making audio input available as intended)

  • FIXED: error saving excel data from formats (Erik Kastman)

  • FIXED: error at end of automated gamma calibration (which was causing a crash of the calibration script)

  • FIXED: misc.getDateStr() returns numeric date if there’s an error with unicode encoding (Jeremy)

  • FIXED: added partial support for non-ASCII keyboards (Sebastiaan Mathot)

PsychoPy 1.74.00


Major changes (and compatibility changes):

  • ADDED: Long-wide data file outputs, which are now the default for all new Builder experiments.

  • ADDED: basic audio capture (and speech recognition via google!). Builder now has a Microphone Component to record inputs, but does not yet use the speech recognition facility. See psychopy.microphone library, coder demo “input/” and Builder demo “voiceCapture”. (Jeremy)

  • ADDED: HSV color space for all stimuli

  • CHANGED: in Builder the default dotstim has signal dots=’same’ (once a signal dot, always a signal dot). Only affects new experiments.

Tweaks and fixes:

  • FIXED: missing parameter name in conditions file is detected, triggers more informative error message

  • ADDED: fORP: option asKeys to handle button presses as pyglet keyboard events (when using a serial port); faster getUniqueEvents()

  • ADDED: basic file encryption (beta) using RSA + AES-256; see API encryption for usage and caveats

  • ADDED: upload a file to a remote server over http (libs: web.upload) with coder demo, php scripts for server contrib/http/*

  • ADDED: Builder demo (dualRatingScales): show a stim, get two different ratings side by side [unpack the demos again]

  • ADDED: rating scale options: ‘maxTime’ to time-out, ‘disappear’ to hide after a rating; see new Builder demo

  • FIXED: rating scale bug: skipKeys was not handling ‘tab’ properly (no skip for tab-key, do skip for ‘t’, ‘a’, or ‘b’)

  • ADDED: new locale pref for explicitly setting locale, used in date format and passed to builder scripts (Jeremy, Hiroku Sogo)

  • ADDED: ‘enable escape’ option in experiment settings, default is ‘enabled’

  • ADDED: support for ElementArrayStim to use the same set of color spaces as other stimuli

  • CHANGED: removed python 2.4 version of sha1 digest from :class:’’

  • CHANGED: removed any need for PyOpenGL ( now used throughout even for pygame windows)

  • FIXED: Builder was ignoring changes to DotStim FieldPos (thanks Mike MacAskill)

  • FIXED: Builder Flow is smarter about Loops and now stops you creating ‘broken’ ones (e.g. Loops around nothing)

  • FIXED: MovieStim used from Builder was not working very well. Sounds continued when it was told to stop and the seek(0.0001) line was causing some file formats not to work from Builder only (those that don’t support seeking)

  • FIXED: Mouse component was not saving clicks in Builder experiments if forceEndOnClick was set to be False

  • FIXED: DotStim.setFieldCoherence was having no effect if noise dots were updating by ‘position’

PsychoPy 1.73

PsychoPy 1.73.06

(Released: April 2012)

  • FIXED: xlsx outputs were collapsing raw data from trials with non-response

  • FIXED: monitor gamma grids are now returned as arrays rather than lists (Ariel Rokem)

  • FIXED: bug with Window.setColor being incorrectly scaled for some spaces

  • FIXED: buglet preventing unicode from being used in TrialHandler parameter names (William Hogman) and saving to data files (Becky Sharman)

  • FIXED: StairHandler in Builder now saves the expInfo dictionary (Jeremy)

  • FIXED: can unpickle from either old-style or new-style data files (using psychopy.compatibility.fromFile()) (Erik Kastman)

PsychoPy 1.73.05

(Released: March 2012)

  • FIXED: Joystick error when calling .getHat() or .getHats() (fixed by Gary Lupyan)

  • FIXED: BufferImageStim crashing on some linux boxes (due to bug with checking version of OpenGL) (fixed by Jonas Lindelov)

  • FIXED: fMRI emulator class was providing old-format key events (fixed by Erik Kastman and Jeremy)

  • FIXED: Win.setRecordFrameIntervals(True) was including the time since it was turned off as a frame interval (fixed by Alex Holcombe)

  • FIXED: using forceEndtrial from a mouse component in Builder wasn’t working (thanks Esteban for the heads-up)

  • FIXED: visual.Circle now respects the edges parameter (fixed by Jonas Lindelov)

  • FIXED: having IPython v0.12 should no longer crash psychopy on startup (Jeremy)

  • FIXED: non-ascii month-name (eg Japanese) from %B is now filtered out to avoid crash when compile a psyexp script (Jeremy)

  • ADDED: support for usb->serial devices under linux (William Hogman)

  • ADDED: option to vertically flip a BufferImageStim upon capture (esp for fMRI-related presentation of text) (Jeremy)

  • ADDED: option to play a sound (simple tone) during fMRI launchScan simulation (Jeremy)

PsychoPy 1.73.04

(Released: Feb 2012)

  • CHANGED: Builder scripts now silently convert division from integers to float where necessary. That means 1/3=0.333 whereas previously 1/3=0. This is done simply by adding the line ‘from __future__ import division’ at the top of the script, which people using Coder might want to think about too.

  • FIXED: problem with loading .psydat files using misc.fromFile (thanks Becky)

  • FIXED: issue on OSX with updating from 1.70 binaries to 1.73 patch release

PsychoPy 1.73.03

(Released: Jan 2012)

  • FIXED: problem with loops crashing during save of xlsx/csv files if conditions were empty

  • FIXED: bugs in Builder setting Dots coherence and direction parameters

  • FIXED: problem with strange text and image rendering on some combinations of ATI graphics on Windows machines

PsychoPy 1.73.02

(Released: Jan 2012)

  • ADDED: loop property to MovieStim for coder only so far (thanks Ariel Rokem)

  • FIXED: buglet requesting import of pyaudio (thanks Britt for noticing and Dan Shub for fixing)

  • FIXED: problem with avbin (win32)

  • FIXED: problem with unicode characters in filenames preventing startup

  • FIXED: bug with ‘fullRandom’ method of TrialHandler missing some trials during data save

  • FIXED: Mouse.clickReset() now resets the click timers

  • FIXED(?): problem with avbin.dll not being found under 64-bit windows

PsychoPy 1.73.00

(Released: Jan 2012)

  • CHANGED: psychopy.log has moved to psychopy.logging (Alex Holcombe’s suggestion). You’ll now get a deprecation warning for using psychopy.log but it will still work (for the foreseeable future)

  • ADDED: new hardware.joystick module supporting pyglet and pyjame backbends for windows and OSX. Demo in Not working on Linux yet. See demos>input

  • ADDED: support for CRS ColorCAL mkII for gamma calibrations in Monitor Center.

  • ADDED: data.ExpHandler to combine data for multiple separate loops in one study, including output of a single wide csv file. See demos>experimental control>experimentHandler. Support from Builder should now be easy to add

  • ADDED: ability to fix (seed) the pseudorandom order of trials in Builder random/full-random loops

  • ADDED: auto-update (and usage stats) can now detect proxies in proxy.pac files. Also this now runs in a low-priority background thread to prevent any slowing at startup time.

  • FIXED: bug when passing variables to Staircase loops in Builder

  • FIXED: mouse in Builder now ignores button presses that began before the ‘start’ of the mouse

  • FIXED: can now use pygame or pyaudio instead of pygame for sounds, although it still isn’t recommended (thanks Ariel Rokem for patch)

PsychoPy 1.72.00

(rc1 Released: Nov 2011)

  • CHANGED: gui.Dlg and gui.dlgFromDict can now take a set of choices and will convert to a choice control if this is used (thanks Manuel Ebert)
    • for gui.Dlg the .addField() method now has choices attribute

    • for gui.dlgFromDict if one of the values in the dict is a list it will be interpreted as a set of choices (NB this potentially breaks old code)

    • for info see API docs for psychopy.gui

  • ADDED: improvements to drawing of shapes (thanks Manuel Ebert for all)
    • ShapeStim now has a size parameter that scales the locations of vertices

    • new classes; Rect, Line, Circle, Polygon

  • FIXED: error with DotStim when fieldSize was a tuple and fieldShape was ‘sqr’

  • FIXED: calibration plots in Monitor Center now resize and quit as expected

  • FIXED: conditions files can now have lists of numbers [0,0]

  • FIXED: buglet with flushing mouse events (thanks Sebastiaan Mathot)

  • FIXED: Builder components now draw in order, from top to bottom, so lower items obscure higher ones

  • FIXED: problem with Patch Component when size was set to be dynamic

  • FIXED: problem with Builder loops not being able to change type (e.g. change ‘random’ into ‘staircase’)

  • FIXED: data from TrialHandler can be output with unicode contents (thanks Henrik Singmann)

PsychoPy 1.71

PsychoPy 1.71.01

(Released: Oct 2011)

  • CHANGED: the number of stimulus-resized and frames-dropped warnings is now limited to 5 (could become a preference setting?)

  • FIXED: Builder now allows images to have size of None (or ‘none’ or just blank) and reverts to using the native size of the image in the file

  • FIXED: occasional glitch with rendering caused by recent removal of depth testing (it was getting turned back on by TextStim.draw())

  • FIXED: opening a builder file from coder window (and vice versa) switches view and opens there

  • FIXED: problem showing the About… item on OS X Builder view

  • FIXED problem with loops not showing up if the conditions file wasn’t found

  • FIXED: runTimeInfo: better handling of cwd and git-related info

  • FIXED: rating scale: single click with multiple rating scales, auto-scale with precision = 1

  • IMPROVED: rendering speed on slightly older nVidia cards (e.g. GeForce 6000/7000 series) under win32/linux. ElementArrays now render at full speed. Other cards/systems should be unchanged.

  • IMPROVED: rating scale: better handling of default description, scale=None more intuitive

  • ADDED: new function getFutureTrial(n=1) to TrialHandler, allowing users to find out what a trial will be without actually going to that trial

  • ADDED: misc.createXYs() to help creating a regular grid of xy values for ElementArrayStim

PsychoPy 1.71.00

(Released: Sept 2011)

  • CHANGED: Depth testing is now disabled. It was already being recommended that depth was controlled purely by drawing order (not depth settings) but this is now the *only* way to do that

  • CHANGED: The Builder representation of the Components onset/offset is now based on ‘estimatedStart/Stop’ where a value has been given. NB this does not affect the actual onset/offset of Components merely its representation on the timeline.

  • ADDED: Builder loop conditions mini-editor: (right-click in the filename box in a loop dialog)
    • create, edit, and save conditions from within PsychoPy; save & load using pickle format

    • preview .csv or .xlsx conditions files (read-only)

  • ADDED: RatingScale method to allow user to setMarkerPosition()

  • ADDED: Builder dialogs display a ‘$’ to indicate fields that expect code/numeric input

  • ADDED: Text Component now has a wrapWidth parameter to control the bounding box of the text

  • ADDED: Opacity parameter to visual stimulus components in the Builder, so you can now draw plaids etc from the builder

  • FIXED: can edit or delete filename from loop dialog

  • FIXED: bug in RunTimeInfo (no longer assumes that the user has git installed)

  • FIXED: bug in BufferImageStim

  • FIXED: bug in Builder Ratingscale (was always ending routine on response)

  • FIXED: problem with nested loops in Builder. Inner loop was not being repeated. Loops are now only created as they are needed in the code, not at the beginning of the script

  • FIXED: rendering of many stimuli was not working beyond 1000 elements (fixed by removal of depth testing)

  • FIXED: mouse component now using start/duration correctly (broken since 1.70.00)

  • FIXED: when changing the texture (image) of a PatchStim, the stimulus now ‘remembers’ if it had been created with no size/sf set and updates these for the new image (previously the size/sf got set according to the first texture provided)

  • FIXED: putting a number into Builder Sound Component does now produce a sound of that frequency

  • FIXED: added ‘sound’,’misc’,’log’ to the component names that PsychoPy will refuse. Also a slightly more informative warning when the name is already taken

  • FIXED: Opacity parameter was having no effect on TextStim when using shaders

  • FIXED bug with MovieStim not starting at beginning of movie unless a new movie was added each routine

PsychoPy 1.70

PsychoPy 1.70.01

(Released: Aug 2011)

  • FIXED: buglet with Builder (1.70.00) importing older files not quite right and corrupting the ‘allowedKeys’ of keyboard component

  • FIXED: buglet with SimpleImageStim. On machines with no shaders some images were being presented strangely

  • FIXED: buglet with PatchStim. After a call to setSize, SF was scaling with the stimulus (for unit types where that shouldn’t happen)

PsychoPy 1.70.00

(Released: Aug 2011)

NB This version introduces a number of changes to Builder experiment files that will prevent files from this version being opened by earlier versions of PsychoPy

  • CHANGED use of allowedKeys in Keyboard Component. You used to be able to type ‘ynq’ to get those keys, but this was confusing when you then needed ‘’space’’ or ‘’left’’ etc. Now you must type ‘y’,’n’,’q’, which makes it more obvious how to include ‘space’,’left’,’right’…

  • CHANGED dot algorithm in DotStim. Previously the signalDots=same/different was using the opposite to Scase et al’s terminology, now they match. Also the default method for noiseDots was ‘position’ and this has been changed to ‘direction’. The documentation explaining the algorithms has been clarified. (see :ref:’dots’)

  • CHANGED ‘MovieStim.playing’ property to be called ‘MovieStim.status’ (in keeping with other stimuli)

  • CHANGED names:

    • data.importTrialTypes is now data.importConditions

    • forceEndTrial in Keyboard Component is now forceEndRoutine

    • forceEndTrialOnPress in Mouse Component is now forceEndRoutineOnPress

    • trialList and trialListFile in Builder are now conditions and conditionsFile, respectively

    • ‘window units’ to set Component units is now ‘from exp settings’ for less confusion

  • CHANGED numpy imports in Builder scripts:

    • only a subset of numpy features are now imported by default: numpy: sin, cos, tan, log, log10, pi, average, sqrt, std, deg2rad, rad2deg, linspace, asarray, random, randint, normal, shuffle

    • all items in the numpy namespace are available as np.*

    • if a pre-v1.70 script breaks due to this change, try prepending ‘np.’ or ‘np.random.’

  • CHANGED Builder use of $. $ can now appear anywhere in the field (previously only the start). To display a ‘$’ character now requires ‘$’ in a text field (to prevent interpretation of normal text as being code).

  • ADDED flexibility for start/stop in Builder Components. Can now specify stimuli according to;

    • variable values (using $ symbol). You can also specify an ‘expected’ time/duration so that something is still drawn on the timeline

    • number of frames, rather than time (s), for greater precision

    • an arbitrary condition (e.g. otherStim.status==STOPPED )

  • ADDED the option to use a raised cosine as a PatchStim mask (thanks Ariel Rokem)

  • ADDED a preference setting for adding custom path locations to Standalone PsychoPy

  • ADDED Dots Component to Builder interface for random dot kinematograms

  • ADDED wide-format data files (saveAsWideText()) (thanks Michael MacAskill)

  • ADDED option for full randomization of repeated lists (loop type ‘fullRandom’) (Jeremy)

  • ADDED builder icons can now be small or large (in prefs)

  • ADDED checking of conditions files for parameter name conflicts (thanks Jeremy)

  • ADDED emulate sync pulses and user key presses for fMRI or other scanners (for testing); see hardware/launchScan in the API reference, and Coder demos > experimental control > (Jeremy)

  • ADDED right-clicking the expInfo in Experiment Settings tests & previews the dialog box (Jeremy)

  • ADDED syntax checking in code component dialog, right-click (Jeremy)

  • IMPROVED documentation (thanks Becky Sharman)

  • IMPROVED syntax for using $ in code snippets (e.g., “[$xPos, $yPos]” works) (Jeremy)

  • IMPROVED Flow and Routine displays in the Builder, with zooming; see the View menu for key-board shortcuts (Jeremy)

  • IMPROVED Neater (and slightly faster) changing of Builder Routines on file open/close

  • FIXED demos now unpack to an empty folder (Jeremy)

  • FIXED deleting an empty loop from the flow now works (Jeremy)

  • FIXED further issue in QUEST (the addition in 1.65.01 was being used too widely)

  • FIXED bug with updating of gamma grid values in Monitor Center

PsychoPy 1.65

PsychoPy 1.65.02

(Released: July 2011)

  • FIXED Builder keyboard component was storing ‘all keys’ on request but not all RTs

  • FIXED Aperture Component in Builder, which was on for an entire Routine. Now supports start/stop times like other components

  • IMPROVED Sound stimuli in Builder:

    • FIXED: sounds could be distorted and would repeat if duration was longer than file

    • ADDED volume parameter to sound stimuli

    • FIXED: duration parameter now stops a file half-way through if needed

  • FIXED buglet preventing some warning messages being printed to screen in Builder experiments

  • FIXED bug in the copying/pasting of Builder Routines, which was previously introducing errors of the script with invalid _continueName values

PsychoPy 1.65.01

(Released: July 2011)

  • FIXED buglets in QUEST handler (thanks Gerrit Maus)

  • FIXED absence of pygame in 1.65.00 Standalone release

  • ADDED shelve module to Standalone (needed by

  • ADDED warnings about going outside the monitor gamut for certain colors (thanks Alex Holcombe)

PsychoPy 1.65.00

(Released: July 2011)

  • ADDED improved gamma correction using L=a+(b+kI)**G formula (in addition to industry-standard form). Existing gamma calibrations will continue to use old equation but new calibrations will take the new extended formula by default.

  • ADDED MultiStairHandler to run multiple interleaved staircases (also from the Builder)

  • ADDED createFactorialTrialList, a convenience function for full factorial conditions (thanks Marco Bertamini)

  • CHANGED Builder keyboard components now have the option to discard previous keys (on by default)

  • CHANGED RatingScale:

    • ADDED: argument to set lineColor independently (thanks Jeff Bye)

    • CHANGED default marker is triangle (affects windows only)

    • ADDED single-click option, custom-marker support

    • FIXED: bug with precision=1 plus auto-rescaling going in steps of 10 (not 1)

  • FIXED errors with importing from ‘ext’ and ‘contrib’

  • FIXED error in joystick demos

  • FIXED bug in ElementArrayStim depth

  • FIXED bug in misc.maskMatrix. Was not using correct scale (0:1) for the mask stage

  • FIXED buglet in StairHandler, which was only terminating during a reversal

  • FIXED bug when loading movies - they should implicitly pause until first draw() (thanks Giovanni Ottoboni)

  • IMPROVED handling of non-responses in Builder experiments, and this can now be the correct answer too (corrAns=None). ie. can now do go/no-go experiments. (Non-responses are now empty cells in excel file, not “–” as before.)

PsychoPy 1.64

PsychoPy 1.64.00

Released: April 2011

  • ADDED option to return field names when importing a trial list (thanks Gary Lupyan)

  • ADDED Color-picker on toolbar for Coder and context menu for Builder (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED CustomMouse to visual (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED Aperture object to visual (thanks Yuri Spitsyn) and as a component to Builder (Jeremy Gray)

  • CHANGED RatingScale (Jeremy Gray):
    • FIXED bug in RatingScale that prevented scale starting at zero

    • ADDED RatingScale “choices” (non-numeric); text size, color, font, & anchor labels; pos=(x,y) (Jeremy Gray)

    • CHANGED RatingScale internals; renamed escapeKeys as skipKeys; subject now uses ‘tab’ to skip (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED user-configurable code/output font (see coder prefs to change)

  • ADDED gui.Dlg now automatically uses checkboxes for bools in inputs (Yuri Spitsyn)

  • ADDED RatingScale component for Builder (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED packages to Standalone distros:
    • pyxid (Cedrus button boxes)

    • labjack (good, fast, cheap USB I/O device)

    • egi (pynetstation)

    • pylink (SR Research eye trackers)

    • psignifit (bootstrapping, but only added on mac for now)

  • ADDED option for Builder components to take code (e.g. variables) as start/duration times

  • ADDED support for RGBA files in SimpleImageStim

  • IMPROVED namespace management for variables in Builder experiments (Jeremy Gray)

  • IMPROVED prefs dialog

  • IMPROVED test sequence for PsychoPy release (so hopefully fewer bugs in future!)

  • FIXED bug with ElementArrayStim affecting the subsequent color of ShapeStim

  • FIXED problem with the error dialog from Builder experiments not being a sensible size (since v1.63.03 it was just showing a tiny box instead of an error message)

  • FIXED Coder now reloads files changed outside the app when needed (thanks William Hogman)

  • FIXED Builder Text Component now respects the font property

  • FIXED problem with updating to a downloaded zip file (win32 only)

  • FIXED bug with ShapeStim.setOpacity when no shaders are available

  • FIXED long-standing pygame scaling bug

  • FIXED you can now scroll Builder Flow and still insert a Routine way to the right

PsychoPy 1.63

PsychoPy 1.63.04

Released: Feb 2011

  • FIXED bug in windows prefs that prevents v1.63.03 from starting up

  • FIXED bug that prevents minolte LS100 from being found

PsychoPy 1.63.03

Released: Feb 2011

  • ADDED Interactive shell to the bottom panel of the Coder view. Choose (in prefs) one of;
    • pyShell (the default, with great tooltips and help)

    • IPython (for people that like it, but beware it crashes if you create a psychopy.visual.Window() due to some threading issue(?))

  • ADDED scrollbar to output panel

  • FIXED small bug in QUEST which gave an incorrectly-scaled value for the next() trial

  • FIXED ElementArrayStim was not drawing correctly to second window in multi-display setups

  • FIXED negative sound durations coming from Builder, where sound was starting later than t=0

  • FIXED a problem where Builder experiments failed to run if ‘participant’ wasn’t in the experiment info dialog

PsychoPy 1.63.02

Released: Feb 2011

  • ADDED clearFrames option to Window.saveMovieFrames

  • ADDED support for Spectrascan PR655/PR670

  • ADDED ‘height’ as a type of unit for visual stimuli

    NB. this is likely to become the default unit for new users (set in prefs) but for existing users the unit set in their prefs will remain. That means that your system may behave differently to your (new user) colleague’s

  • IMPROVED handling of damaged experiments in Builder (they don’t crash the app any more!)

  • IMPROVED performance of autoLogging (including demos showing how to turn of autoLog for dynamic stimuli)

PsychoPy 1.63.01

Released: Jan 2011

  • FIXED bug with ElementArrayStim.setFieldPos() not updating

  • FIXED mouse release problem with pyglet (since in 1.63.00)

  • ADDED ability to retrieve a timestamp for a mouse event, similar to those in keyboard events.

    This is possible even though you may not retrieve the mouse event until later (e.g. waiting for a frame flip). Thanks Dave Britton

  • FIXED bug with filters.makeGrating: gratType=’sqr’ was not using ori and phase

  • FIXED bug with fetching version info for autoupdate (was sometimes causing a crash on startup

    if users selected ‘skip this version’)

  • CHANGED optimisation routine from fmin_powell to fmin_bfgs. It seems more robust to starting params.

PsychoPy 1.63.00

Released: Dec 2010

  • ADDED autoLog mechanism:
    • many more messages sent, but only written when log.flush() is called

    • rewritten backend to logging functions to remove file-writing performance hit

    • added autoLog and name attributes to visual stimuli

    • added setAutoDraw() method to visual stimuli (draws on every win.flip() until set to False)

    • added logNextFlip() method to visual.Window to send a log message time-stamped to flip

  • FIXED bug in color calibration for LMS color space (anyone using this space should recalibrate immediately) Thanks Christian Garber for picking up on this one.

  • FIXED bug with excel output from StairHandler

  • FIXED bug in ElemetArray.setSizes()

  • FIXED bug in running QuestHandler (Zarrar Shehzad)

  • FIXED bug trying to remove a Routine from Flow when enclosed in a Loop

  • FIXED bug with inseting Routines into Flow under Linux

  • FIXED bug with playing a MovieStim when another is already playing

  • CHANGED default values for Builder experiment settings (minor)

  • CHANGED ShapeStim default fillColor to None (from (0,0,0))

  • FIXED DotStim now supports a 2-element fieldSize (x,y) again

  • CHANGED phase of RadialStim to be ‘sin’ instead of ‘cosine’ at phase=0

  • FIXED rounding issue in RadialStim phase

  • FIXED ElementArrayStim can now take a 2x1 input for setSizes(), setSFs(), setPhases()

  • ADDED packages to standalone distributions: pyserial, pyparallel (win32 only), parallel python (pp), IPython

  • CHANGED Builder demos are now back in the distributed package. Use >Demos>Unpack… to put them in a folder you have access to and you can then run them from the demos menu

  • FIXED bug with ShapeStim initialisation (since 1.62.02)

  • UPDATED: Standalone distribution now uses Python2.6 and adds/upgrades;
    • parallel python (pp)

    • pyserial

    • ioLabs

    • ipython (for future ipython shell view in coder)

    • numpy=1.5.1, scipy=0.8.0, matplotlib=1.0

  • UPDATED: Builder demos

PsychoPy 1.62

PsychoPy 1.62.02

Released: Oct 2010

  • FIXED: problem with RadialStim causing subsequent TextStims not to be visible

  • FIXED: bug with saving StairHandler data as .xlsx

  • ADDED: option for gui.fileOpenDlg and fileSaveDlg to receive a custom file filter

  • FIXED: builder implementation of staircases (initialisation was buggy)

  • FIXED: added Sound.setSound() so that sounds in builder can take new values each trial

  • FIXED: when a Routine was copied and pasted it didn’t update its name properly (e.g. when inserted into the Flow it kept the origin name)

  • FIXED: color rendering for stimuli on non-shader machines using dkl,lms, and named color spaces

  • ADDED: data.QuestHandler (Thanks to Zarrar Shehzad). This is much like StairHandler but uses the QUEST routine of Watson and Pelli

  • CHANGED: TextStim orientation now goes the other way, for consistency with other stimuli (thanks Manuel Spitschan for noticing)**

  • FIXED: Problem with DotStim using ‘sqr’ fieldShape

  • ADDED: MovieStim now has a setMovie() method (a copy of loadMovie())

  • FIXED: problem with MovieStim.loadMovie() when a movie had already been loaded

PsychoPy 1.62.01

Released: Sept 2010

  • ADDED: clicking on a Routine in the Flow window brings that Routine to current focus above

  • ADDED: by setting a loop in the Flow to have 0 repeats, that part of your experiment can be skipped

  • CHANGED: builder hides mouse now during fullscreen experiments (should make this a pref or setting though?)

  • FIXED: rendering problem with the Flow and Routine panels not updating on some platforms

  • ADDED: added .pause() .play() and .seek() to MovieStim (calling .draw() while paused will draw current static frame)

  • FIXED: bug in MovieStim.setOpacity() (Ariel Rokem)

  • FIXED: bug in win32 - shortcuts were created in user-specific start menu not all-users start menu

  • CHANGED: data output now uses std with N-1 normalisation rather than (scipy default) N

  • FIXED: bug when .psyexp files were dropped on Builder frame

  • FIXED: bug with Builder only storing last letter or multi-key button (e.g. ‘left’->’t’) under certain conditions

  • FIXED: when nReps=0 in Builder the loop should be skipped (was raising error)

  • CHANGED: mouse icon is now hidden for full-screen Builder experiments

  • FIXED: Builder was forgetting the TrialList file if you edited something else in the loop dialog

  • ADDED: visual.RatingScale and a demo to show how to use it (Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED: The Standalone distributions now includes the following external libs:
    • pynetstation (import psychopy.hardware.egi)

    • ioLab library (import psychopy.hardware.ioLab)

  • ADDED: trial loops in builder can now be aborted by setting someLoopName.finished=True

  • ADDED: improved timing. Support for blocking on VBL for all platforms (may still not work on intel integrated chips)

  • FIXED: minor bug with closing Coder windows generating spurious error messages

  • ADDED: ‘allowed’ parameter to gui.fileOpeNDlg and fileCloseDlg to provide custom file filters

PsychoPy 1.62.00

Released: August 2010

  • ADDED: support for Excel 2007 files (.xlsx) for data output and trial types input:
    • now has importTrialList(fileName) to generate a trial list (suitable for TrialHandler) from .xlsx or .csv files

    • Builder loops now accept either an xlsx or csv file for the TrialList

    • TrialHandler and StairHandler now have saveToExcel(filename, sheetName=’rawData’, appendFile=True). This can be used to generate almost identical files to the previous delimited files, but also allows multiple (named) worksheets in a single file. So you could have one file for a participant and then one sheet for each session or run.

  • CHANGED: for builder experiments the trial list for a loop is now imported from the file on every run, rather than just when the file is initially chosen

  • CHANGED: data for TrialHandler are now stored as masked arrays where possible. This means that trials with no response can be more easily ignored by analysis

  • FIXED: bug opening loop properties (bug introduced by new advanced params option)

  • FIXED: bug in Builder code generation for keyboard (only when using forceEnd=True but store=’nothing’)

  • CHANGED: RunTimeInfo is now in not

  • CHANGED: PatchStim for image files now defaults to showing the image at native size in pixels (making SimpleImageStim is less useful?)

  • CHANGED: access to the parameters of TrialList in the Builder now (by default) uses a more cluttered namespace for variables. e.g. if your TrialList file has heading rgb, then your components can access that with ‘$rgb’ rather than ‘$thisTrial.rgb’. This behaviour can be turned off with the new Builder preference ‘allowClutteredNamespace’.

  • FIXED: if Builder needs to output info but user had closed the output window, it is now reopened

  • FIXED: Builder remembers its window location

  • CHANGED: Builder demos now need to be fetched by the user - menu item opens a browser (this is slightly more effort, but means the demos aren’t stored within the app which is good)

  • CHANGED: loops/routines now get inserted to Flow by clicking the mouse where you want them :-)

  • ADDED: you can now have multiple Builder windows open with different experiments

  • ADDED: you can now copy and paste Routines form one Builder window to another (or itself) - useful for reusing ‘template’ routines

  • FIXED: color of window was incorrectly scaled for ‘named’ and ‘rgb256’ color spaces

  • ADDED: quicktime movie output for OSX 10.6 (10.5 support was already working)

  • ADDED: Mac app can now receive dropped files on the coder and builder panels (but won’t check if these are sensible!!)

  • ADDED: debugMode preference for the app (for development purposes)

  • ADDED: working version of RatingStim

PsychoPy 1.61

PsychoPy 1.61.03

Patch Released: July 2010

  • FIXED: harmless error messages caused by trying to get the file date/time when no file is open

  • CHANGED: movie file used in movie demo (the chimp had unknown copyright)

  • FIXED: problem with nVidia cards under win32 being slow to render RadialStim

  • FIXED bug in filters.makeGrating where gratType=’sqr’

  • FIXED bug in new color spaces for computers that don’t support shaders

  • ADDED option to Builder components to have ‘advanced’ parameters not shown by default (and put this to use for Patch Component)

PsychoPy 1.61.02

Patch Released: June 2010

  • ADDED: Code Component to Builder (to insert arbitrary python code into experiments)

  • ADDED: visual.RatingScale ‘stimulus’ (thanks to JG). See ratingScale demo in Coder view

  • FIXED: TrialHandler can now have dataTypes that contain underscores (thanks fuchs for the fix)

  • FIXED: loading of scripts by coder on windows assumed ASCII so broke with unicode characters. Now assumes unicode (as was case with other platforms)

  • FIXED: minor bugs connecting to PR650

PsychoPy 1.61.01

Patch Released: May 2010

  • FIXED: Bug in coder spitting out lots of errors about no method BeginTextColor

  • FIXED: Buglet in rendering of pygame text with our shaders

  • FIXED: broken link for >Help>Api (reference) menuitem

PsychoPy 1.61.00

Released: May 2010

  • CHANGED: color handling substantially. Now supply color and colorSpace arguments and use setColor rather than setRGB etc. Previous methods still work but give deprecation warning.

  • ADDED: Colors can now also be specified by name (one of the X11 or web colors, e.g. ‘DarkSalmon’) or hex color spec (e.g. ‘#E9967A’)

  • REMOVED: TextStimGLUT (assuming nobody uses GLUT backend anymore)

  • ADDED: ‘saw’ and ‘tri’ options to specify grating textures, to give sawtooth and triangle waves

  • FIXED: visual.DotStim does now update coherence based on setFieldCoherence calls

  • FIXED: bug in autoupdater for installs with setuptools-style directory structure

  • FIXED: bug in SimpleImageStim - when graphics card doesn’t support shaders colors were incorrectly scaled

  • CHANGED: console (stdout) default logging level to WARNING. More messages will appear here than before

  • ADDED: additional log level called DATA for saving data info from experiments to logfiles

  • ADDED: mouse component to Builder

  • ADDED: checking of coder script for changes made by an external application (thanks to Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED: data.RuntimeInfo() for providing various info about the system at launch of script (thanks to Jeremy Gray)

  • FIXED: problem with rush() causing trouble between XP/vista (thanks to Jeremy Gray)

  • AMERICANIZATION: now consistently using ‘color’ not ‘colour’ throughout the project! ;-)

  • FIXED: problem with non-numeric characters being inserted into data structures

  • CHANGED: stimuli using textures now automatically clean these up, so no need for users to call .clearTextures()

PsychoPy 1.60

PsychoPy 1.60.04

Released: March 2010

  • FIXED build error (OS X 10.6 only)

PsychoPy 1.60.03

Released: Feb 2010

  • FIXED buglet in converting ‘false’ to True in dialogs (thanks Michael MacAskill)

  • FIXED bug in winXP version introduced by fixes to the winVista version! Now both should be fine!!

PsychoPy 1.60.02

Released: Feb 2010

  • CHANGED ext.rush() is no longer run by default on creation of a window. It seems to be causing more probs and providing little enhancement.

  • FIXED error messages from vista/7 trying to import pywintypes.dll

PsychoPy 1.60.01

Released: Feb 2010

  • FIXED minor bug with the new psychophysicsStaircase demo (Builder)

  • FIXED problem with importing wx.lib.agw.hyperlink (for users with wx<2.8.10)

  • FIXED bug in the new win.clearBuffer() method

  • CHANGED builder component variables so that the user inputs are interpreted as literal text unless preceded by $, in which case they are treated as variables/python code

  • CHANGED builder handling of keyboard ‘allowedKeys’ parameter. Instead of ‘[‘1’,’2’,’q’]’ you can now simply use ‘12q’ to indicate those three keys. If you want a key like ‘’right’’ and ‘’left’’ you now have to use ‘$[‘right’,’left’]’

  • TWITTER follow on

  • FIXED? win32 version now compatible with Vista/7? Still compatible with XP?

PsychoPy 1.60.00

Released: Feb 2010

  • simplified prefs:
    • no more site prefs (user prefs only)

    • changed key bindings for compileScript(F5), runScript(Ctrl+R), stopScript(Ctrl+.)

  • ADDED: full implementation of staircase to Builder loops and included a demo for it to Builder

  • CHANGED: builder components now have a ‘startTime’ and ‘duration’ rather than ‘times’

  • ADDED: QuickTime output option for movies (OSX only)

  • ADDED: script is saved by coder before running (can be turned off in prefs)

  • ADDED: coder checks (and prompts) for filesave before running script

  • ADDED: setHeight to TextStim objects, so that character height can be set after initialisation

  • ADDED: setLineRGB, setFillRGB to ShapeStim

  • ADDED: ability to auto-update form PsychoPy source installer (zip files)

  • ADDED: Monitor Center can be closed with Ctrl-W

  • ADDED: visual.Window now has a setRGB() method

  • ADDED: visual.Window now has a clearBuffer() method

  • ADDED: context-specific help buttons to Builder dialogs

  • ADDED: implemented of code to flip SimpleImageStim (added new methods flipHoriz() and flipVert())

  • ADDED: Butterworth filters to psychopy.filters (thanks Yaroslav Halchenko)

  • ADDED: options to view whitespace, EOLs and indent guides in Coder

  • ADDED: auto-scaling of time axis in Routines panel

  • IMPROVED: Splash screen comes up faster to show the app is loading

  • FIXED: bug in RadialStim .set functions (default operation should be “” not None)

  • FIXED: on mac trying to save an unchanged document no longer inserts an ‘s’

  • FIXED: bug with SimpleImageStim not drawing to windows except #1

  • FIXED: one bug preventing PsychoPy from running on vista/win7 (are there more?)

  • CHANGED: psychopy.filters.makeMask() now returns a mask with values -1:1, not 0:1 (as expected by stimulus masks)

  • RESTRUCTURED: the serial package is no longer a part of core psychopy and is no longer required (except when hardware is actually being connected). This should now be installed as a dependency by users, but is still included with the Standalone packages.

  • RESTRUCTURED: preparing for further devices to be added, hardware is now a folder with files for each manufacturer. Now use e.g.:

    from psychopy.hardware.PR import PR650
    from psychopy.hardware.cedrus import RB730

PsychoPy 1.51.00

(Released: Nov 2009)

  • CHANGED: gamma handling to handle buggy graphics drivers on certain cards - see note below

  • CHANGED: coord systems for mouse events - both winTypes now provide mouse coords in the same units as the Window

  • FIXED: mouse in pyglet window does now get hidden with Window allowGUI=False

  • FIXED: (Builder) failed to open from Coder view menu (or cmd/ctrl L)

  • FIXED: failure to load user prefs file

  • ADDED: keybindings can be handled from prefs dialog (thanks to Jeremy Gray)

  • ADDED: NxNx3 (ie RGB) numpy arrays can now be used as textures

  • FIXED: MovieStim bug on win32 (was giving spurious avbin error if visual was imported before event)

NB. The changes to gamma handling should need no changes to your code, but could alter the gamma correction on some machines. For setups/studies that require good gamma correction it is recommended that you recalibrate when you install this version of PsychoPy.

PsychoPy 1.50

PsychoPy 1.50.04

(Released: Sep 09)

  • FIXED (Builder) bug with loading files (monitor fullScr incorrectly reloaded)

  • FIXED (Coder) bug with Paste in coder

  • FIXED (Builder) bug with drop-down boxes

  • FIXED (Builder) bug with removed routines remaining in Flow and InsertRoutineDlg

  • MOVED demos to demos/scripts and added demos/exps (for forthcoming Builder demos)

  • CHANGED (Builder) creating a new file in Builder (by any means) automatically adds a ‘trial’ Routine

  • FIXED (Builder) various bugs with the Patch component initialisation (params being ignored)

  • FIXED (Builder) better default parameters for text component

PsychoPy 1.50.02

(Released: Sep 09)

  • FIXED bug loading .psydat (files component variables were being saved but not reloaded)

  • removed debugging messages that were appearing in Coder output panel

  • FIXED long-standing problem (OS X only) with “save unchanged” dialogs that won’t go away

  • FIXED bug with ‘cancel’ not always cancelling on “save unchanged” dialogs

  • ADDED warning dialog if user adds component without having any routines

  • ADDED builder now remembers its location, size and panel sizes (which can be moved around)

PsychoPy 1.50.01

(Released: Sep 09)

  • FIXED problem creating prefs file on first use

  • FIXED problem with removing (identical) routines in Flow panel

  • FIXED problem with avbin import (OS X standalone version)

PsychoPy 1.50.00

(Released: Sep 09)

  • ADDED A preview of the new application structure and GUI

  • ADDED performance enhancements (OS X now blocks on vblank, all platforms rush() if user has permissions)

  • ADDED config files. These are already used by the app, but not the library.

  • ADDED data.getDateStr() for convenience

  • FIXED bug on certain intel gfx cards (shaders now require float extension as well as opengl2.0)

  • FIXED bug scaling pygame text (which caused pygame TextStims not to appear)

  • BACKWARDS NONCOMPAT: monitors is moved to be a subpackage of psychopy

  • BACKWARDS NONCOMPAT: added ‘all_mean’ (and similar) data types to TrialHandler.saveAsText and these are now default

  • ADDED TrialType object to data (extends traditional dicts so that trial.SF can be used as well as trial[‘SF’])

  • converted docs/website to sphinx rather than wiki (contained in svn)

  • FIXED bug with MovieStim not displaying correctly after SimpleImageStim

  • FIXED incorrect wx sizing of app(IDE) under OS X on opening

  • CHANGED license to GPL (more restrictive, preventing proprietary use)

  • CHANGED gui dialogs are centered on screen rather than wx default position

  • new dependency on lxml (for saving/loading builder files)

PsychoPy 1.00

PsychoPy 1.00.04

(Released: Jul 09)

  • DotStim can have fieldShape of ‘sqr’, ‘square’ or ‘circle’ (the first two are equiv)

  • CHANGED interpreters in all .py scripts to be the same (#!/usr/bin/env python). Use PATH env variable to choose non-default python version for your Python scripts

  • CHANGED pyglet textures to use numpy->ctypes rather than numpy->string

  • FIXED systemInfo assigned on Linux systems

PsychoPy 1.00.03

(Released: Jul 09)

  • FIXED initialisation bug with SimpleImageStimulus

  • FIXED “useShaders” buglet for TextStim

  • CHANGED IDE on win32 to run scripts as processes rather than imports (gives better error messages)

  • ADDED mipmap support for textures (better antialiasing for down-scaling)

  • CHANGED win32 standalone to include the whole raw python rather than using py2exe

PsychoPy 1.00.02

(Released: Jun 09)

  • ADDED SimpleImageStimulus for simple blitting of raw, unscaled images

  • ADDED collection of anonymous usage stats (e.g.: OSX_10.5.6_i386 1.00.02 2009-04-27_17:26 )

  • RENAMED DotStim.setDirection to setDir for consistency (the attribute is dir not direction)

  • FIXED bug with DotStim updating for ‘walk’ and ‘position’ noise dots (thanks Alex Holcombe)

  • FIXED bug with DotStim when fieldSize was initialised with a list rather than an array

  • FIXED buglet using event.getKeys in pygame (nothing fetched if pyglet installed)

  • CHANGED image loading code to check whether the image is a file, rather than using try..except

  • FIXED buglet raising trivial error messages on closing final window in IDE

  • FIXED problem pasting into find dlg in IDE

PsychoPy 1.00.01

(Released: Feb 09)

  • FIXED buglet in windows standalone installer

PsychoPy 1.00.00

  • ADDED ShapeStim, for drawing geometric stimuli (see demos/ and new

  • ADDED support for the tristate ctrl bit on parallel ports (thanks Gary Strangman for the patch)

  • ADDED standalone installer support for windows (XP, vista?)

  • FIXED minor bug in Window.flip() with frame recording on (average -> numpy.average)

  • FIXED minor bug in sound, now forcing pygame.mixer to use numpy (thanks Konstantin for the patch)

  • FIXED visual stimulus positions forced to be floats on init (thanks C Luhmann)

PsychoPy 0.97:

PsychoPy 0.97.01:

  • FIXED bug with IDE not closing properly (when current file was not right-most)

  • ADDED parallel.readPin(pinN) so that parallel port can be used for input as well as output

  • FIXED bug in parallel.setPortAddress(addr)

  • ADDED check for floats as arguments to ElementArrayStim set___ methods

  • CHANGED: frame time recording to be *off* by default (for plotting, for Window.fps() and for warnings). To turn it on use Window.setRecordFrameIntervals(True), preferably after first few frames have elapsed

  • IMPROVED detection of the (truly) dropped frames using log.console.setLevel(log.WARNING)

  • FIXED bug that was preventing bits++ from detecting LUT on the Mac (ensure screen gamma is 1.0 first)

  • FIXED buglet with .setRGB on stimuli - that method should require an operation argument (def=None)

  • ADDED fieldDepth and depths (for elements, relative to fieldDepth) as separate arguments to the ElementArrayStim

PsychoP 0.97.00:

  • ADDED options to DotStim motions. Two args have been added: * signalDots can be ‘different’ from or ‘same’ as the noise dots (from frame to frame) * noiseDots determines the update rule for the distractor dots (random ‘position’, ‘walk’, ‘direction’) * dotLife now works (was previously just a placeholder). Default is -1 (so should be same as before) see Scase, Braddick & Raymond (1996) for further info on the importance of these

  • ADDED options to event.getKeys * keyList to limit which keys are checked for (thanks Gary Strangman) * timeStamped=False/True/Clock (thanks Dave Britton)

  • CHANGED pyglet key checking now returns ‘1’ as the key irrespective of numpad or otherwise (used to return ‘1’ or ‘NUM_1’)

  • FIXED bug in for machines where pyglet is failing to import

  • REMOVED AlphaStim (after a long period of ‘deprecated’)

PsychoPy 0.96:

PsychoPy 0.96.02:

  • FIXED bug introduced with clipping of text in 0.96.01 using textstimuli with shaders under pygame

  • FIXED bug with rendering png alpha layer using pyglet shaders

PsychoPy 0.96.01:

  • FIXED problem with write errors running demos from Mac IDE

  • ADDED frameWidth to textStim for multiline

  • ADDED setRecordFrameIntervals, saveFrameTimes() to Window and misc.plotFrameIntervals()

  • FIXED had accidentally made pygame a full dependency in

  • FIXED MovieStim was being affected by texture color of other stimuli

  • FIXED window now explicitly checks for GL_ARB_texture_float before using shaders

PsychoPy 0.96.00:

  • FIXED pygame back-end so that can be used as a valid alternative to pyglet (requires pygame1.8+ and PyOpenGL3.0+, both included in mac app)

  • CHANGED default sound handler to be pygame again. Although pyglet looked promising for this it has turned out to be buggy. Timing of sounds can be very irregular and sometimes they don’t even play Although pygame has longer overall latencies (20-30ms) it’s behaviour is at least robust. This will be revisited one day when i have time to write driver-specific code for sounds

  • FIXED image importing - scaling from square image wasn’t working and CMYK images weren’t imported properly. Both are now fine.

PsychoPy 0.95:

PsychoPy 0.95.11:

  • ADDED sound.Sound.getDuration() method

  • FIXED spurious (unimportant but ugly) error messages raised by certain threads on core.quit()

PsychoPy 0.95.9:

  • FIXED further bug in sound.Sound on win32 (caused by thread being polled too frequently)

  • FIXED new bug in notebook view (introduced in 0.95.8)

PsychoPy 0.95.8:

  • FIXED bug in sound.Sound not repeating when play() is called repeatedly

  • IDE uses improved notebook view for code pages

  • IDE line number column is larger

  • IDE SaveAs no longer raises (inconsequential) error

  • IDE Cmd-S or Ctrl-S now clears autocomplete

PsychoPy 0.95.7:

  • ADDED misc.cart2pol()

  • ADDED highly optimised ElementArrayStim, suitable for drawing large numbers of elements. Requires fast OpenGL 2.0 gfx card - at least an nVidia 8000 series or ATI HD 2600 are recommended.

  • FIXED bug in calibTools with MonitorFolder (should have been monitorFolder)

  • FIXED bug in Sound.stop() for pyglet contexts

  • FIXED bug in running scripts with spaces in the filename/path (Mac OS X)

PsychoPy 0.95.6:

  • DISABLED the setting of gamma if this is [1,1,1] (allows the user to set it from a control panel and not have this adjusted)

  • FIXED gamma setting on linux (thanks to Luca Citi for testing)

  • FIXED bug in TextStim.setRGB (wasn’t setting properly after text had been created)

  • FIXED bug searching for shaders on ATI graphics cards

  • FIXED - now no need to download avbin for the mac IDE installation

PsychoPy 0.95.5:

  • FIXED bug in event.clearEvents() implementation in pyglet (wasn’t clearing)

  • FIXED - psychopy no longer disables ipython shortcut keys

  • FIXED bug in sound.Sound initialisation without pygame installeds

  • ADDED core.rush() for increasing thread priority on win32

  • ADDED Window._haveShaders, XXXStim._useShaders and XXXStim.setUseShaders

  • FIXED crashes on win32, running a pyglet context after a DlgFromDict

  • ADDED gamma correction for pyglet contexts (not tested yet on linux)

PsychoPy 0.95.4:

  • CHANGED PsychoPy options (IDE and monitors) now stored the following, rather than with the app. (monitor calib files will be moved here if possible)
    • ~/.PsychoPy/IDE (OS X, linux)

    • <Docs and Settings>/<user>/Application Data/PsychoPy

  • FIXED bug in text rendering (ATI/win32/pyglet combo only)

  • FIXED minor bug in handling of images with alpha channel

PsychoPy 0.95.3:

  • ADDED a .clearTextures() method to PatchStim and RadialStim, which should be called before de-referencing a stimulus

  • CHANGED input range for numpy array textures to -1:1

  • ADDED to demos

PsychoPy 0.95.2:

  • FIXED quitting PsychoPyIDE now correctly cancels when saving files

PsychoPy 0.95.1:

  • FIXED problem with saving files from the IDE on Mac

  • FIXED Cmd-C now copies from the output window of IDE

  • even nicer IDE icons (thanks to the Crystal project at

  • FIXED bug in the shaders code under pyglet (was working fine in pygame already)

  • (refactored code to use a template visual stimulus)

PsychoPy 0.95.0:

  • FIXED linux bug preventing repeated dialogs (thanks Luca Citi)

  • REWRITTEN stimuli to use _BaseClass, defining ._set() method

  • MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS to IDE: * Intel mac version available as app bundle, including python * FIXED double help menu * cleaned code for fetching icons * fixed code for updating SourceAssistant (now runs from .OnIdle())


PsychoPy 0.94.0:

  • pyglet: * can use multiple windows and multiple screens (see screensAndWindows demo) * sounds are buffered faster and more precisely (16ms with <0.1ms variability on my system) * creating sounds in pyglet starts a separate thread. If you use sounds in your script you must call core.quit() when you’re done to exit the system (or this background thread will continue). * pyglet window.setGamma and setGammaRamp working on win and mac (NOT LINUX) * pyglet event.Mouse complete (and supports wheel as well as buttons) * pyglet is now the default context. pygame will be used if explicitly called or if pyglet (v1.1+) isn’t found * pyglet can now get/save movie frames (like pygame) * TextStims are much cleaner (and a bit bigger?) Can use multiple lines too. New method for specifying font

  • added simpler (wraps _parallel which will remain for now)

  • removed the C code extensions in favour of ctypes (so compiler no longer necessary)

  • converted “is” for “==” where appropriate (thanks Luca)

  • Window.getMovieFrame now takes a buffer argument (‘front’ or ‘back’)

  • monitor calibration files now stored in HOME/.psychopy/monitors rather than site-packages

  • Window.flip() added and supports the option not to clear previous buffer (for incremental drawing). Window.update() is still available for now but can be replaced with flip() commands

  • updated demos

PsychoPy 0.93.6:

  • bug fixes for OS X 10.5 and ctypes OpenGL

  • new improved OS X installer for dependencies

  • moved to egg for OS X distribution

PsychoPy 0.93.5:

  • added rich text ctrl to IDE output, including links to lines of errors

  • IDE now only opens one copy of a given text file

  • improved (chances of) sync-to-vertical blank on windows without adjusting driver settings (on windows it’s still better to set driver to force sync to be safe!)

  • added center and radius arguments to filters.makeMask and filters.makeRadialMatrix

  • implemented pyglet backend for;
    • better screen handling (can specify which screen a window should appear in)

    • fewer dependencies (takes care of pygame and opengl)

    • faster sound production

    • TextStims can be multi-line

    • NO GAMMA-SETTING as yet. Don’t use this backend if you need a gamma-corrected window and aren’t using Bits++.

  • changed the behaviour of Window winTypes

    If you leave winType as None PsychoPy tries to use Pygame, Pyglet, GLUT in that order (when Pyglet can handle gamma funcs it will become default). Can be overridden by specifying winType.

  • turned off depth testing for drawing of text (will simply be overlaid in the order called)

  • changes to TextStim: pyglet fonts are loaded by name only, not filename. PsychoPy TextStim now has an additional argument called ‘fontFiles=[]’ to allow the adding of custom ttf fonts, but the font name should be used as the font=” “ argument.

  • updated some of the Reference docs

PsychoPy 0.93.3:

  • fixed problem with ‘dynamic loading of multitextureARB’ (only found on certain graphics cards)

PsychoPy 0.93.2:

  • improved detection of non-OpenGL2.0 drivers

PsychoPy 0.93.1:

  • now automatically uses shaders only if available (older machines can use this version but will not benefit from the speed up)

  • slight speed improvement for TextStim rendering (on all machines)

PsychoPy 0.93.0:

  • new requirement of PyOpenGL3.0+ (and a graphics card with OpenGL2.0 drivers?)

  • much faster implementation of setRGB, setContrast and setOpacity (using fragment shaders)

  • images (and other textures) need not be square. They will be automatically resampled if they are not. Square power-of-two image textures are still recommended

  • Fixed problem in calibTools.DACrange caused by change in numpy rounding behaviour. (symptom was strange choice of lum values for calibrations)

  • numpy arrays as textures currently need to be NxM intensity arrays

  • multitexturing now handled by OpenGL2.0 rather than ARB

  • added support for Cedrus response pad

  • if any component of rgb*contrast>1 then the stimulus will be drawn as low contrast and b/y (rgb=[0.2,0.2,-0.2]) in an attempt to alert the user that this is out of range

PsychoPy 0.92.5:

  • Fixed issue with stairhandler (it was terminating based only on the nTrials). It does now terminate when both the nTrials and the nReversals [or length(stepSizes) if this is greater] are exceeded.

  • Minor enhancements to IDE (added explicit handlers to menus for Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y, Ctrl-D)

PsychoPy 0.92.4:

  • fixed some source packaging problems for linux (removed trademark symbols from and fixed directory capitalisation of IDE/Resources in Thanks to Jason Locklin and Samuele Carcagno for picking them up.

  • numerous minor improvements to the IDE

  • reduced the buffer size of sound stream to reduce latency of sound play

  • fixed error installing start menu links (win32)

PsychoPy 0.92.3:

  • new source .zip package (switched away from the use of setuptools - it didn’t include files properly in a source dist)

  • Fixed problem on very fast computers that meant error messages weren’t always displayed in the IDE

PsychoPy 0.92.2:

  • have been trying (and failing) to make scripts run faster from the IDE under Mac OS X. Have tried using threads and debug modules (which would mean you didn’t need to import all the libs every time). All these work fine under win32 but not under OS X every time :-( If anyone has a new idea for how to run a pygame window in the same process as the IDE thread I’d love hear it

  • removed the messages from the new TextStim stimuli

  • fixed bug in IDE that caused it to crash before starting if pythonw.exe was run rather than python.exe on first run(!)

  • improvements to the source assistant window (better help and now fetches function arguments)

Known Problems: * The IDE isn’t collecting all errors that are returned - a problem with the process redirection mechanism? FIXED in 0.92.3

PsychoPy 0.92.1

  • fixed minor bug in IDE - wouldn’t open if it had been closed with no open docs.

  • fixed problem with pushing/popping matrix that caused the stimuli to disappear (only if a TextStim was rendered repeatedly)

PsychoPy 0.92.0:

  • ‘sequential’ ordering now implemented for data.TrialHandler (thx Ben Webb)

  • moved to pygame fonts (with unicode support and any TT font on the system). The switch will break any code that was using TextStim with lineWidth or letterWidth as args. Users wanting to continue using the previous TextStim can call textStimGLUT instead (although I think the new pygame fonts are superior in every way).

  • improved IDE handling of previous size (to cope with being closed in the maximised or minimised state, which previously caused the window not to return)

PsychoPy 0.91.5:

  • fixed minor bug in using numpy.array as a mask (was only working if array was 128x128)

  • faster startup for IDE (added threading class for importing modules)

  • fixed very minor bug in IDE when searching for attributes that don’t exist

  • fixed minor bug where scripts with syntax errors didn’t run but didn’t complain either

  • IDE FileOpen now tries the folder that the current file is in first

  • IDE removed threading class for running scripts

PsychoPy 0.91.4

  • fixed the problem of stimulus order/depth. Now the default depth is set (more intuitively) by the order of drawing not creating.

  • IDE added recent files to file menu

  • IDE minor bug fixes

  • IDE rewrite of code inspection using

PsychoPy 0.91.3

  • added find dialog to IDE

  • added ability of data.FunctionFromStaircase to create unique bins rather than averaging several x values. Give bins=’unique’ (rather than bins=someInteger). Also fixed very minor issue where this func would only take a list of lists, rather than a single list.

PsychoPy 0.91.2

  • fixed IDE problem running filenames containing spaces (only necessary on win32)

PsychoPy 0.91.1

  • added reasonable SourceAssistant to IDE

  • added a stop button to abort scripts in IDE

  • IDE scripts now run as sub process rather than within the main process: slower but safer

  • added an autoflushing stdout to psychopy.__init__. Where lots of text is written to stdout this may be a problem, but turing it off means that stdout doesn’t get properly picked up by the IDE :-(

PsychoPy 0.91.0

  • PsychoPy now has its own IDE!! With syntax-highlighting, code-folding and auto-complete!! :-)

  • had to be refactored a little but (I think) should not be noticed by the end user (gui.Dlg is now a subclass of wx.Dialog rather than a modified instance)

  • gui.Dlg and DlgFromDict now end up with an attribute .OK that is either True or False

  • fixed bug in data.StairHandler that could result in too many trials being run (since v0.89)

PsychoPy 0.90.4

  • resolved deprecation warning with wxPython (now using “import wx”)

PsychoPy 0.90.3

  • used the new numpy.mgrid commands throughout filters and visual modules

  • sorted out the rounding probs on RadialStim

  • fixed import bug in

PsychoPy 0.90.2

  • fixed new bug in the minVal/maxVal handling of StairHandler (where these have not been specified)

  • changed the default console log level to be ERROR, due to too much log output!

PsychoPy 0.90.1

  • fixed new bug in Sound object

  • changed the default log file to go to the script directory rather than site-packages/psychopy

PsychoPy 0.90

  • sounds now in stereo and a new function to allow you to choose the settings for the sound system.

  • LMS colors (cone-isolating stimuli) are now tested and accurate (when calibrated)

  • added logging module (errors, warnings, info). And removed other messages:
    • @Verbose@ flags have become messages

    • @Warn@ commands have become log.warning messages

  • added minVal and maxVal arguments to data.StairHandler so that range can be bounded

  • @import psychopy@ no longer imports anything other than core

Psychopy 0.89.1

  • fixed bug in new numpy’s handling of bits++ header

Psychopy 0.89

  • optimised DotStim to use vertex arrays (can now draw several thousand dots)

  • optimised RadialStim to use vertex arrays (can increase radial resolution without much loss)

Psychopy 0.88

  • fixed problem with MonitorCenter on OSX (buttons not working on recent version of wxPython)

Psychopy 0.87

  • added sqrXsqr to RadialStim and made it default texture

  • fixed a minor bug in RadialStim rendering (stimuli failed to appear under certain stimulus orderings)

  • changed RadialStim size parameter to be diameter rather than radius (to be like AlphaStim)

  • namechange: introduced PatchStim (currently identical to AlphaStim which may one day become deprecated)

Psychopy 0.86

  • distributed as an .egg

Psychopy 0.85

  • upgraded for numpy1.0b and scipy0.50. Hopefully those packages are now stable enough that they won’t need further PsychoPy compatibility changes

Psychopy 0.84

  • NEW (alpha) support for radial patterns rather than linear ones

  • changed Clock behaviour to use time.clock() on win32 rather than time.time()

  • fixed a bug in the shuffle seeding behaviour

  • added a noise pattern to background in monitor calibration

Psychopy 0.83

  • NEW post-install script for Win32 installs shortcuts to your >>Start>Programs menu

  • NEW parallel port code (temporary form) using DLportIO.dll can be found under _parallel

  • NEW hardware module with support for fORP response box (for MRI) using serial port

  • added iterator functionality to data.TrialHandler and data.StairHandler you can now use ::

    for thisTrial in allTrials:

but a consequence was that .nextTrial() will be deprecated in favour of .next(). Also, when the end of the trials is reached a StopIteration is raised. * added the ability to seed the shuffle mechanism (and trial handler) so you can repeat experiments with the same trial sequence

Psychopy 0.82

  • rewritten code for bits++ LUT drawing, raised by changes in pyOpenGL( call to drawpixels

  • minor change to exit behaviour. pyGame.quit() is now called and then sys.exit(0) rather than sys.exit(1)

  • bug fixes in type handling (from Numeric to numpy)

Psychopy 0.81

  • changes to gui caused by new threading behaviour of wxPython and PyGame (DlgFromDict must now be a class not a function).

Psychopy 0.80

  • switching numeric code to new python24 and new scipy/numpy. MUCH nicer

  • new (reduced requirements): * numpy 0.9 or newer (the replacement for Numeric/numarray) * numpy 0.4.4 or newer * pyOpenGL * pygame * PIL * matplotlib (for data plotting)

PsychoPy 0.72

  • tested (and fixed) compatibility with wxPython 2.6. Will now be using this as my primary handler for GUIs

  • ADDED ability to quit during run of getLumSeries

PsychoPy 0.71

  • FIXED filename bug in makeMovies.makeAnimatedGIF

  • slight change to monitors that it uses testMonitor.calib as a default rather than default.calib (testMonitor.calib is packaged with the installation)

PsychoPy 0.70

  • FIXED bug in setSize. Wasn’t updating correctly

  • ADDED ability to append to a data file rather than create new

  • bits.lib (from CRS) is now distributed directly with psychopy rather than needing separate install)

  • ADDED db/log/linear step methods to StairHandler

  • ADDED logistic equation to data.FitFunction

PsychoPy 0.69

  • ADDED a testMonitor to the monitors package so that demos can use it for pseudo*calibrated stimuli.

  • REDUCED the attempt to use _bits.pyd. Was only necessary for machines that had bits++ monitor center

  • ADDED basic staircase method

  • CHANGED dlgFromDict to return None on cancel rather than 0

  • CHANGED the description of sin textures so that the centre of the patch had the color of dkl or rgb rather than the edge. (Effectively all sin textures are now shifted in phase by pi radians). -Demos removed from the main package - now ONLY distributed as a separate library

PsychoPy 0.68

  • FIXED toFile and fromFile so they work!?

  • Demos being distributed as a separate .zip file (may be removed from the main package someday)

PsychoPy 0.67

  • ADDED toFile, fromFile, pol2cart functions to psychopy.misc

  • CHANGED waitKeys to return a list of keys (usually of length one) so that it’s compatible with getKeys

PsychoPy 0.66

  • serial is now a subpackage of psychopy and so doesn’t need additional installation

  • REMOVED the code to try and query the graphics card about the scr dimensions. From now on, if yo uwish to use real world units, you MUST specify scrWidthPIX and scrWidthCM when you make your visual.Window

  • ADDED flag to data output to output matrixOnly (useful for matlab imports)

  • REVERTED the default numeric handler to be Numeric rather than numarray (because it looks like numarray hasn’t taken off as much as thought)

  • FIXED minor bug in text formatting for TrialHandler.saveAsText()

  • CHANGED visual.Window so that the monitor argument prefers to receive a Monitor object (rather than just a dictionary) or just the name of one. MonitorCenter makes it so easy to create these now that they should be the default.

  • CHANGED Photometer initialisation behaviour - used to raise an error on a fail but now sets an internal attribute .OK to False rather than True

PsychoPy 0.65

  • MonitorCenter now complete. Plots and checks gamma correction.

  • can write movies out to animated gifs(any platform) or mpg/avi (both windows only)

PsychoPy 0.64

  • CHANGED monitor key dkl_rgb_matrix to dkl_rgb (also for lms)

  • ADDED code for PR650 to get the monitor color calibration and calculate the color conversion matrices automatically. Will be implemented via the MonitorCenter application.

  • ADDED pyserial2.0 as a subpackage of psychopy so that it needn’t be separately installed

  • Much improved MonitorCenter with DKL and LMS calibration buttons and matrix output

  • Double-click installer for Mac now available

PsychoPy 0.63

  • ADDED ability to capture frames from the window as images (tif, jpg…) or as animated GIF files :) see demo

  • ADDED ability for elements in DotStim to be any arbitrary stimulus with a methods for .setPos(), .draw()

PsychoPy 0.62

  • FIXED the circular mask for DotStim

  • FIXED bug in the new text alignment method (was being aligned but not positioned?!)

PsychoPy 0.61

  • FIXED minor bug in MonitorCenter (OS X only)

PsychoPy 0.60

  • ADDED a GUI application for looking after monitors and calibrations. SEE in the new package monitors

  • MOVED “psychopy.calib” subpackage to a whole separate package “monitors”. Calibration files will now be stored alongside the calibration code. This makes it easier to develop the new calibration GUI application that I’m working on. Also means that if you delete the psychopy folder for a new installation you won’t lose your calibration files.

  • ADDED optional maxWait argument to event.waitKeys()

  • CHANGED TextStim to take the font as a name rather than font number

  • ADDED alignment to text stimuli (alignVert, alignHoriz)

  • CHANGED waitKeys to implicitly clear keys from the event queue so that it only finds the first keypress after its called. As result it now returns a single character rather than list of them

  • CHANGED visual.Window so that it no longer overrides monitor settings if arguments are specified. Easy now to create a monitor in the monitors GUI and use that instead

  • ADDED the circular mask for DotStimulus

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