PsychoPy Logo

PsychoPy® is a free cross-platform package allowing you to run a wide range of experiments in the behavioral sciences (neuroscience, psychology, psychophysics, linguistics...)

This is a community project. Users have all the source code. Users are the developers. Users support each other.

Alongside open-source, we're strong supporters of Open Science, and we'll try to encourage and facilitate that wherever we can!

Easy enough for teaching

Universities all over the world are using PsychoPy® for teaching students about experiments

Precise enough for psychophysics

Hardware accelerated graphics, best-in class timing, and calibration tools built in

  • Fantastic timing precision (see the timing mega-study for comparisons)!
  • Time and update your stimulus on every screen refresh!
  • Tools to help monitor calibration and wide range of units
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics for stimuli that can be updated on the fly
  • Access to button boxes when you need the utmost precision
  • Automated logging for you to what happened and when
  • OpenGL (and shaders) ready for use when you low-level access to graphics

Flexible enough for everything else

PsychoPy® is great for:
  • Dynamic, interactive studies: Free yourself from simple static stimuli! You can update your stimulus interactively on every screen refresh!
  • Neuroimaging: Send and receive triggers to your hardware at precise times
  • Eye-tracking: Access to wide range of hardware (eye trackers, button boxes, trigger systems...)


Want to run your study on the web, so users can access it anywhere?

PsychoPy® added the facility to run studies online using a high-performance, hardware-accelerated, port of the PsychoPy Python library.

  • Export your experiment from Builder to a web page
  • PsychoPy® is the only package with reaction time precision under 4 ms online!
  • Update your stimulus on every frame, just like in the desktop!
  • Upload that to (with easy tools built into the PsychoPy app)
  • Give participants your URL and run your study in the browser!
  • You can recruit participants using Sona, Prolific, Mechanical Turk or similar systems.

Open science

Did you notice that everyone's sharing these days?

  • PsychoPy® was written by scientists for scientists
  • You have all the source code. If you want something added or changed you can go ahead and make that change!
  • Over 100 contributors have made changes (small or large) and fed them back to the project for others to benefit!
  • You can share your study on and that means more people might be tempted to base their work on yours (which means more people talking about your work).