Building experiments in a GUI

Making your experiments using the PsychoPy® builder is the approach that we generally recommend. Why would we (a team of programmers) recommend using a GUI?:

  • It’s much faster to make experiments

  • Your experiment will be less likely to have bugs (experiments coded from scratch can very easily contain errors - even when made by the best of programmers!).

  • You can easily make an experiment to run online in a browser. PsychoPy® builder view is writing you a python script “under the hood” of your experiment, but if you want to run an experiment online it can also compile a javascript version of your task using PsychoPy’s sister library PsychoJS. Remember that PsychoJS is younger than PsychoPy® - so remember to check the status of online options before making an experiment you plan to run online! The easiest way to host a study online from PsychoPy® is through the Pavlovia® platform, and PsychoPy® builder has inbuilt integration to interact with this platform.

There are a number of tutorials on how to get started making experiments in builder on the PsychoPy Youtube channel as well as several written tutorials and Experiment Recipes. You can also find a range of materials for teaching using builder view.

The Builder view


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