Using is a site created by the PsychoPy team to make it easy to:

  • run studies online

  • host your experiments securely and easily without knowing about server technologies

  • share studies with other scientists with collaborators of publicly (and find public studies shared by others)

  • raise awareness of your study

  • version control your work (using Git)

Most of the main tasks you will perform with Pavlovia can be carried out either in the PsychoPy application or on the Pavlovia website. Synchronizing your files can also be done with any Git client if you prefer.

To create and log in to your account on Pavlovia, you will need an active internet connection. If you have not created your account, you can either

  • go to Pavlovia and create your account, or

  • click the login button highlighted in Fig. 5, and create an account through the dialog box.

Once you have an account on Pavlovia and are logged in, your user name should appear in the corresponding menu (tpronk in Fig. 5).


Fig. 5 Logging in on Pavlovia via the PsychoPy 3 Builder

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