VSS 2012 Satellite Event, May 2012

PsychoPy is a modern, powerful easy-to-use software package for conducting psychophysics and imaging studies. It’s become the package of choice in thousands of labs worldwide (see https://usage.psychopy.org ).

Using the Python programming language (a more powerful and free alternative to Matlab) PsychoPy can generate your stimuli in real-time and collect responses with high temporal precision.

Want to get started using PsychoPy for your studies? This workshop will get you off the ground with building your first experiments.

It will be run as a satellite to the Vision Sciences Society conference.

  • when: Thurs 10th May, 12-5pm

  • where: Naples Grand, Banyan Room 1-2

  • cost: £75

  • target audience: novice

  • material will cover the Builder interface and simple Python coding

Email me personally (jon at peirce.org.uk) if you’re interested in attending (or helping!).

There will be very limited spaces available (probably 30) in order that participants get the most out of the event. So get in touch as soon as possible.

The registration charge of £75 is to cover costs and, hopefully, lunch. This will be invoiced so that it can be claimed back.

The workshop will include a mixture of demonstrations and periods of users creating their own experiment in the software. Time will be spent partly on the graphical interface and partly on writing Python code. Please bring a laptop with PsychoPy installed, as well as ideas for a simple experiment to build. That will allow you to get the most out of the session.

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