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We typically run PsychoPy workshops at University of Nottingham in the Easter break.

Do you want to get started using Python (and PsychoPy) for your studies in behavioural sciences? Maybe you keep meaning to switch from another applications and haven’t gotten around to it. These workshops, run by the creators of PsychoPy, will get you off the ground with building and analysing your experiments using Python.


Python is a powerful well-designed programming language that’s totally free and runs on all operating systems. It’s a little like a free replacement for Matlab, but with more flexibility and better syntax! Learning to program is a hugely important skill for scientists in the modern environment and the workshops we run (Beginner and Intermediate) will help you a great deal both in the basics of how to run a study but also in more general programming (like how to run a simulation, how to analyse data or how to alter a large number of image files in a script).

PsychoPy is a modern, powerful, easy-to-use software package for conducting studies in psychophysics, neuroimaging and experimental psychology. It’s become the package of choice in very many labs worldwide (see PsychoPy usage stats). It comes with a graphical interface (Builder) as well as a Python scripting interface (Coder). The workshops we run cater to various audiences, according to whether you want to learn more about programming (most flexible) or about the graphical interface (fastest way to get a study up and running).

The workshops are led by Jon Peirce, who created the core of PsychoPy and has been programming in Python and teaching behavioural scientists since 2003.

For queries about any of these please email me at jonathan.peirce at (beware my strangely spelled surname when typing that in!)

PEP1: Programming Experiments in Python (Beginners)

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When:Typically in the Easter break (check back in Oct for final dates)
Where:School of Psychology, University of Nottingham
Includes:Refreshments and lunch. There is an accommodation package too, costing £53 per night including bed, full breakfast and free wifi
Content:Material will cover Python programming basics as well as PsychoPy-specific coding. Note that this is not a workshop about PsychoPy Builder; we’ll really be focussing on programming.

Is this suitable for you?

The target audience is those that want to learn to program in Python for general use in science. We will focus on generating experiments: presenting stimuli and collecting responses, but we will cover basic analyses and plotting in Python as well.

We’ll provide you with additional ‘intermediate’ material as well, for you to build on what you’ve learnt, but if you’re already a proficient programmer in Python then this is probably not the course for you.


We’ll not start the first formal session until 10am on Day 1 (coffee available from 9am though) and we’ll finish at 4pm on Day 3 to allow some travel flexibility. But you are welcome to hang around and continue working if you prefer.

All sessions subject to change. Sessions in green and blue are optional (for self-paced and specialist sessions, respectively).


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